Friday June 26th 2020.

This weeks version of events comes from EmCee.

Another week in lockdown and first up to girls queue was auntie Ann with John R waiting his turn at the head of the boys line. Ann is going to need someone to jiggle a few buttons in order to get the dash cam functioning. At this house we use the shout and scream at the screen system. It is comprehensively unsuccessful, but you just feel better. I have heard reports that a nine year old child has been used to good effect.

So, its early doors all round , and Ann (M.S.) has signed Adie in without the chocolate orange, but Edna is both resplendent and triumphant in her Liverpool shirt. 30 years and we strolled it in the end!. Roly was in too, but with lighting issues I’d say. We have cured our shadow existence by moving the light behind our settee. Glenys was a tonsorial triumph and Ashley hadn’t done his homework. Chas and Jan were the candidates for the late book this week, and they should know better! Also late, but with a good excuse, was Natasha. Moscow is a bloody long way, but we have this week been globetrotting from British Columbia to Moscow and Nantglyn, to say nothing of Rhydymwyn.  I think the confusion over Natalia’s name is one of using an affectionate shortening of her given name to Natasha, I think. It is a bit like us saying Aluncariad –me duck.

Anyway, off we got with John and this week’s word Doric. Nothing architectural but a scots variant indicating origins in NE Scotland – just saying. And Mike Harding’s King Cotton. Mike H next with K.Rusby’s Cruel, and then the Grey funnel line. Dafydd next with a Welsh poem in saesneg. Helen Shilladay ( always a treat ) gave us RM’s tomatoes and peppers (rev) and one about sheep.

Helen whalewatching , British Columbia

The Club “get well soon” card has worked its magic and JK was up to push young Sam Small to front and centre with one about having tea with royalty and another about theft of musical instruments. Both were probably Court Martial offences. Nice to see you back John. BTW, Natasha has promised a contribution next week- hurrah!

It was at this stage that tinterweb went belly-up at Beniar, but luckily John knows a technical wizard, so all was restored tout suite. T Gwyn video footage followed and the very sad tale from J Prine about young love. BTW (2) Alun is going to try and get some old footage of Rum, Bum and Concertina to fill the half-way video slot soon. Now there’s a prospect! Watch this space.

Second half kicked off with a poignant reminder from John of our good friend and sadly missed chum, Val who passed away last August. Her tireless work for the Dementia charities was a credit to her. The, so called, Alzheimer’s Song , about dementia, deterioration and demise by Mikey McConnell is a song to get us all thinking.

I forgot to mention David Hytch’s contribution via a couple of Hank Williams numbers. I have a cd of the “lost” recordings of Hank Williams, and it is well worth a listen. David also gave us a couple from his Bobness, so a perfect pair there in my view. Helen had a June Tabor song before  Rolling Home ( all 4,700 miles of them). Powderfinger, Loving Anna and a couple more from the accordionist brought us to 10.30. BTW (3) I have just finished a book, where, central to the story was a glass armonica. Never heard of it, never seen one before (Google obliged), just saying.

See you all next week. Hey ho. A

Here’s the recording :-

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