Friday July 24th 2020.

This weeks blog comes from your Scottish Correspondent, so expect some degree of patriotism and a few odd words.

The concept of the virtual folk club is becoming more of a norm now, but it is still a bit odd sitting in the sound check with only half a dozen people until, suddenly at 8.00pm the screen starts to come alive with little boxes, familiar faces appear, chat starts and it looks like another good night.

This week saw a first for our zoom club, when I managed to find my fiddle and accompanied John to Santiano. Microphone sharing not ideal, but perhaps better that you didn’t catch all of my bum notes and hear too much of my shaky right hand (I think I prefer to merge into the background somewhat). John followed with a less aggressive Scottish song The land o’ the Leal, where a grief stricken father hopes to be reunited with his child in the land o’ the leal (loyal) heaven. I know, you never knew he had a sensitive side!

In the gallery, Roly, Karen Yveline and others were all there, Carl was in early and Ian and Kate had swapped seats for a wee while, nice to actually see you Kate.

A couple from Mike, including Carrying Nelson Home, which we had heard already this week in the Dragons Breath club on Tuesday, both great versions, I have to say its hard to beat Mike’s. I was somewhat confused and failed to understand why he had to “weather Fred Astaire”.

T. Gwyn was next with Be wna i? or What will I Do? followed by Madame George, both the sound and the song were lovely, but the video was, like T Gwyn, absent. It did, though, let us concentrate on the singing. Bring the note from your Mam next week Gwyn.

John Warburton and Carole are a welcome addition to the club, John, a self confessed ageing hippy, sang a cat Stevens and one of his own, for his wife about the benefits of a great big hug, something we are all missing during this strange time. Carole’s poem, Sennen (cove) was just lovely, set to music by John. Why is it that some people have more than their fair share of talent?

I will mention here the benefits of the virtual folk club, the home comforts of our own sofas, beer, tea, coffee and as many comfort breaks as you like. Pets are allowed and Carole was spotted knitting, I think it was the dodgy jumper John W was seen wearing in the second half.

Chas in Helsinki

Jan in St. Petersburg

Chas and Jan Jenkins had accepted their homework challenge (Ash take note) and gave us the full version of their”family” song No Hopers, Jokers and Rogues. They claimed it was unaccomplished, but I beg to differ. The diction was of course perfect, but you wouldn’t expect anything less from a Speech and Language Therapist. More of the same please.

The foreign section next, with a sonnet Llyn y Gadair in English and Welsh from Dafydd and a video from Natasha, our Russian member. Not technically a folk song in the traditional sense, the love interest in this case being an accountant, not the usual blacksmith or itinerant wanderer. But a lovely song and so nice to hear our 4th female participant of the night- watch out lads, there’s a takeover a brewing.

John made his first dodgy comment of the night here (please note I have no control of what comes out when he opens his mouth), when he applauded the beauty of the Russian language, which he claimed was finer than the Welsh. He may be able to see the complaint letters coming, but will he see those knives from behind?

Alun was next, both his songs had false claims of sorts. The sad rendition of Perhaps Love he said required  proper hanky’s which he claimed real men don’t use. There was waving of so many white flags in the gallery I thought we had a full team of Morris Men. He then insinuated in Slip Sliding Away that not many would remember the days of working at jobs and collecting pay another false allegation, as it seems we had just as many workers as retirees in the gallery.

Roger Lee proudly followed Alun with an excellent rendition of Edgar Marriott’s  The Recumbent Posture and something about boomerangs being frisbees for lads with no mates. And then John Killion with  Sam Small and a song by Jeremy Taylor, We Plough the Fields and Scatter, he only knows a couple of verses, if anyone out there knows more, speak up.

The second half followed, more songs and poetry, along with a few mysterious happenings. John was extolling the virtues of our new Amazon echo device. Alexa was activated in homes all over the gallery when he mentioned the “A” word.

Mike mistakenly said something about not being a fan of some “silly scottish words” in Jock o’ Hazledean. I’ll give him a few– “scunner”, meaning to take a strong aversion to. Eejit and Glaikit spring to mind too, but I’ll leave you to look those up yourself. It was no coincidence when his video suddenly went off, was it Karma, or did I know where his internet exchange was?

Another good night, lovely to see so many people in the gallery, some of them regular and some of them new, how did they find us and more to the point why do they come back, we must be getting something right . Keep returning everyone you make the night.

The link to last night is here.







2 Responses to “Friday July 24th 2020.”

  1. Lovely Blog, Lesley. Nice to see good grammar and a modicum of actual factual representation. 😉

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