Friday 14th August

Aye aye, fit like? I’ll give you a clue, it’s not John or Andrew this week.

Well we’ve had a funny old week here, Mondays’s bad weather left us with no internet and me on the phone to BT for what seemed several hours. The man they promised never arrived, but the emergency internet thingy did and we were able to participate using a mini hub and a slightly iffy 4G phone mast connection. This did however, involve me hanging out of the window, balancing the receiver whilst standing on one leg and humming the theme tune to Casey Jones. Consequently I missed some of the nights entertainment so like John’s, some of the content of this blog may be less than factual.

Starting with 3 of the regulars, John got the evening underway with Bonnie Ship the Diamond and The Soldier, (I haven’t heard this one before) it was a bit of a tear jerker and left me feeling he must be softening in his old age. Mike Hawkins then gave us Geordie, which he now accompanies with guitar and Ewan MacColl’s The First Time.  Mike, your guitar playing is coming along really well. T Gwyn’s video contribution was Twch Bach Y Clo, (translates literally as The Little hole lock) and a live John Prine number. Top marks for the man doing this weeks Geoff Durno tribute (that is digitally impaired)!

At the start of the night we seem to have been plagued by an echo, echo, echo, now some may say that this was somewhat distracting, but I reckon it was just so good you heard it twice. The scout masters from Rhyl were tried and found guilty of having 2 devices connected in the same room. Now, while this may not have been the cause, we are only too happy for them to take the blame.

A new face, always welcome, Phil Harley, all the way from Northumberland, a distance easily travelled on the internet. He gave us a couple of songs with North East connections, My Lad is Ower Bonnie and a combo of something to do with Jowelling? listen to the recording at the end and he will explain it, and Rap Her to Bank. Phil runs an online club in Alston on the first Tuesday of each month if anyone would like the details contact him at

Is there a collective noun for a collection of bearded gentlemen? (answers on a postcard please, or in the comments) If so, then it could be applied to our next 4 contributors. Dafydd, Gaffer, Dave Hytch and Storm.

Prizes go to; Dafydd for the shortest poem of the night; Gaffer for the best subtitles; Dave for the greatest number of key changes and Storm for the best protest song.

John Warburton, once Mock Mayor of Penzance,  and runner of another Tuesday night club, Dragons Breath next. John sang a Donovan song requested by Roly, tighter underpants would have helped him reach the high notes. His second, The Seagull, was in a key more suited to his baggy trousers. All requests are welcome by the way, as long as they are polite.

Alun’s set included a virgin offering of The January Man, lovely. The first round was finished off by Paul and Karen, who had joined us late having had a better offer of a meal out earlier. The Peat Bog Soldiers in German and English made the club truly multi-lingual (Welsh, English, German, Geordie and Cornish!). Tell the Folks Back Home I’m Famous was sung for everyone Paul knows in Stoke.

With so many contributors, there was only time for half a round, is that a semi circle, a hemisphere or even a semisphere? Anyway Phil claimed his was alright in the kitchen, which is no excuse as that was where he was sitting this evening. Dave H sang a song about corruption in US politics, we were waiting for Storm to reply, but apparently he had nipped out to get some kippers for his tea (the problem with the time difference). John W sang a song to his missus (were we intruders in some strange dream?) and Paul and Karen were stuck in a pub lock in- worse places to be. Alun got his box out for his Welsh finale of Ar Lan Y Mor.

Ash was missing last night; we missed his chat and backdrops and the “domestics”, but hopefully he’ll be back next week.

Although there wasn’t time to talk to many of the audience tonight and we can’t see them in the you tube recording there were at least another 18 faces in the little boxes. Thank you all for joining on the night, seeing everyone there really makes it feel like going to the club and if you aren’t able to make it live, or if you are so sad you want to hear it all again, here is the link to last nights recording on Youtube.




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  1. I wish you’d cut me out this week!

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