Friday September 4th 2020

Back to school and no moaning. Everyone will be expected to be smart and in uniform. Clean shoes, no heels – girls, ties, berets and caps – boys. Double music on Friday. All pupils will need a geometry set with 6 inch ruler and compasses. Blotting paper may be useful. Please note that ARJ is NOT allowed to have a pencil-sharpener; he has form with regard bladed articles. John S will deputise as Head Boy until young Hawkins can find his white plimsolls. Glenys is Head Girl, provided that she stops rolling up the waist-band of her school skirt to above the knee status. Detention awaits anyone talking, sniggering or chewing gum. The Head, Mr Williamson will give everyone the week-end Orff, except accordion players- obv. Homework is at the end of this lesson. No copying or cribbing will be tolerated. I’m frightened to ask about Ashley’s homework.

A puff now ( geddit?) for Dragons Breath. Tuesday zoom sessions are increasing in popularity and may be accessed in similar vein to ours. ID is 3175777448, with the passcode 653326. Get in and get on. We will see you all there on the 15th if all goes to plan. Thanks to Head Prefect Roly for the heads-up on this one.

Away we go. Wait for the bell. First off the bus is Mike Hawkins. Dylan starts us off, always a winner. And today’s useless piece of information, the lyrics of Times they are a’changin’ were sold for $422,000. Next time that Miss sets you an essay for homework, you would do well to remember that maybe, maybe one day….. Next was the Month of January, which was a sorry tale of exploitation of the working class. Nowt changes eh?

A debut now, welcome to Stuart’s first turn. A Donovan number, Catch the Wind. Splendid stuff Stuart and well done you- gob iron and all! A first class effort and we hope that it is not the last.

Dafydd was up before Bee. Gerallt Lloyd-Owen’s poem Cilmeri. It is near Builth Wells. Bags of alliteration with the death of the last Prince of Wales. Bee gave us Dad; it was a poignant love story about the relationship of family. Phil is another welcome newbie, all the way from Northumberland.

The Andy Hill song, Tailor of the Dales was a treat. The day’s work was 7 yards of dry-stone wall building which, having seen the intricacies of same, is a fair way. This was followed by another we’ve not heard before, and a treat indeed. The pastiche of the S and G classic was an absolute treat and a warning about over-consumption and lock-ins. More please.

T Gwyn gave us the title track of maybe the second best Little Feat album, Dixie Chicken. Time loves a Hero for me Gwyn.  John Betjeman was first though, quite right too.

Gaffer next with another tale of history. This one about wells. It was also a variation of the Dunn song made famous by Adrian West. A farmers tale next, I think.

Chaz and Jan had us all agog with anticipation. A credit to Dave Costello and a cover of the Christy Moore classic –Missing You. Again we are so pleased to hear new contributions and songs we don’t hear often. Another new face, another welcome fresh injection in Ian Campbell. Ian is from Sevenoaks in Kent. A fine pair of tunes which were, sadly unknown to me, and I couldn’t get ‘em via google.

John brought the first round to a close with Billy Austin. And he only killed one man. So the evening’s first half starts with His Bobness and ends with Steve Earle (and Eric Bogle). And the bits in the sandwich were a real entertaining mix. I’m within an ace of closing this revue right here and now on the basis that it couldn’t get much better, Kalashnikov’s notwithstanding.

The Head Boy took the lead for the truncated second half. The isle of St Helena was Mike at his best. Dafydd gave us Dylan Thomas’s poem about the loss of his father. Rage against the dying of the light. Ian had put some chords to a Harriman poem. No good asking me how he does it. Chords are what you get when you are making cheese. Phil Harley was next with a tale of a talking dog.  Rex the sheepdog was tonight’s best joke.  Prancing with sheep and the antics of Uncle Jasper and the ewes or “ Youses” was another pleasure. Name any breed of sheep, they ended up in the bedroom with Uncle Jasper. T Gwyn with a Mike Heron song. You know what you should be, a nice little song that we like to hear. Gaffer had his entry in the army recruitment song competition. It involved selling pickled onions off the back of a van in Afghanistan. I suspect it was not a winner with the C.O.

Jan at the Koutoubia Mosque in Marrakech

Chaz and Jan or more precisely Jan, took us back to nursery rhymes with Migldi Magldi and very good it was too. This song is covered by Cerys Matthews on her Tir CD. Brilliant!

Mike describes a happy press gang song.  Not sure that there could be anything happy about being press ganged. John found his cleanest dirty shirt and gave us his take on Me and Doris McGee. Then a standard Scottish song about the end of the night ( in Caithness). An evening well worth a dram afore ye go. May your God go with you.  (Unintelligible Gaelic following……..).

Thank you all for your various contributions and good offices all round. We have had a splendid evening and you are all to be roundly thanked for your input. And John Shepherd did ok, good job Lesley was there.

This week’s homework is short and sweet. Ashley should look away now. Six songs to be uncovered via six clues in crossword style that should not prove difficult. All songs are Club standards.

  1. Valediction to precious metal. 8,2,3,4.
  2. Eternal new arrival.                   7,5.
  3. Eden with fowl infestation.      8,2,3,6.
  4. Relation with a small ball.         6,4.
  5. Sleep well with Ernie upset.     9,5.
  6. Any moral upset, right.             2,3,1,3.

Usual rules apply, best joined up writing, no prizes due to Covid.

Emm Cee.

Here’s the link to watch it all again :-

2 Responses to “Friday September 4th 2020”

  1. John Warburton Says:

    Apologies for missing this fine array of talent. I had meant to be there, but fell asleep, in my chair and snoozed the evening through!

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