Friday September 25th 2020

Hey ho and another Friday night in semi-lockdown, with a keen anticipation of a splendid evening of fun and laughter through song, ode and whimsy.

New, to me is the arrival of Brian (from Sussex), that’s the county not the pub in our high street. And Storm has returned, that’s not a meteorological prediction, it is the welcome return of our poet from Mass. USA. The sound check involved a three-way tutorial on the benefits (!) of directional microphone technology zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Where was I? Stuart having to lend his crisps to Edna and sound checks having to wait for David H to re-assemble his microphone. Steve and Lisa seemed to have two, yes, two microphones. Dafydd is giving it a miss tonight.

So I’ll press the mute all button and away we go.

Steve Earle is, and always will be, a great start . Next was  Loudon Wainwright’s sad and moving tale of the heart-breaking explanation (to a child) of the breakdown of a relationship.

Stuart gave us a real treat with the Eve of Destruction. More please Stu, how about David McWilliams? I forget what that was called. Cat Stevens was next and as fine a pair from Stuart as you’d get in a day’s march. Mike Hawkins was next with Cruel. Kate Rusby has a fine back catalogue that deserves a wider cover amongst our “turns”. Mike finished his pair with the tale of white slavery, when we used to send prisoners to the New World. Virginia is a beautiful song about a system that none of us should be proud.

T Gwyn celebrated Glenys’s thrilling news of the new arrival of Iago, her grandson. The Treasure by Hooson was a treat and dedicated to the child who will be treasured by all. A John Prine standard was next. That’s if standard can ever be attached to John Prine songs. Far from Me – just like a diamond ring.

A minor spat ensued with regard the raffle and Bread and various falling-down water, Adrian set the cat among the pigeons by revealing a dark chocolate orange. A dark chocolate orange has never been seen at Tynewydd before. Alun regarded the sight of said confection as a prompt to offer any favour for its swap. Best move on to new boy Brian, welcome aboard to the Blackpool line, a somewhat staccato performance due to internet stutter. His next was I’m a Rover. Storm’s advice to blank off his picture, Brian’s not Storm’s you idiot. Seldom sober but always thinking, this was a sound wheeze which gave his sound enough bandwidth while we lost the pleasure of his phizog. Who knew? Every day is a school day!

Over the pond now to Storm with his self-penned contributions. The first was about the pleasures of song and instruments. The brightness in his mind. The next was a tribute to Ruth Ginsberg. Her recent demise has been mourned by all adherents of justice and fair play.

David Hych gave us the song that only reveals its title in the last four words of its lyrics.

His Bobness is always welcome, as too, is J Cash. A nice pair from DH again .A class double . Gaffer up next with a true story that may have been embellished slightly. The tale about Brenda and her lad (eldest). I went for a wee and couldn’t pick up the thread of the next one about landlords and whores. I’m confused.

Steve and Lisa were up next. The autoharp introduced the Lonnie Donegan classic. It Takes a Worried Man used to be a favourite on the radio at Sunday lunch-time. His Bobness made his second appearance of the evening- You Make Me Feel my Love. Alun was the one to bring up the rear, as it were. A Carole King song made famous by some jobbing folkie called James Taylor. You’ve Got a Friend is probably his most famous song wot he didn’t writ. Everybody knows it. David Wilcox’s Language of the Heart was the song to bring the first half to a close. A two hour jamboree of entertainment and song. Thanks are due to all the performers who were all on song tonight. I’ve just remembered The Days of Pearly Spencer. Stuart’s homework for next week. No pressure.

We lurch into the second half with a menagerie from Llanwellyn. Mike restored order with the illicit whiskey industry. Copper Kettle brought to mind the image of pale blue smoke drifting between the trees of the forests on the eastern seaboard. Storm gave us the commercial break with a plea NOT to sing the jingle for the products on the shelf. T Gwyn was slipped in out of order. He had the oldest baby in the world, but was interrupted by Alun’s enquiry with regard the whereabouts of Terry Mckenna. He of the famous blue guitar. Good point, Alun. ARJ to contact him with admonishments and threats etc. Gaffer next up with a rhyming system which involved a juxtaposition of screwing with ruin. Steve and Lisa were, once again, scuppered by b/b issues. They were unable to turn their picture off, with the unfortunate loss of sound to their contribution. We rounded off the wholly enjoyable evening with Alun and his commercial for Amazon and their condensation mike, don’t ask. The larks they sang melodious at the dawning of the day. The song was a fitting metaphor for the evening, being pleasant and delightful.

Keep taking the tablets, stay safe, see you all next week.

ps Gaffer has a concertina- ye Gods!!

Here’s last night’s recording:


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