Friday 2nd October

and Zoom, the club saver, is still keeping us going. To some people, the screen makes them think of The Muppets, others, “Little Boxes” and this week it took me back to Celebrity Squares. Who remembers that one? It’s a bit hard to play noughts and crosses though when people keep shifting round the screen.


  • Is social distancing possible inside a laptop screen?
  • Are there perspex screens between the boxes?
  • Will we be fined for crossing the county borders?
  • and Am I breaking the rule of 6 having 30 odd people in my living room?

So on to the night, John started us off with The Calico Printer’s Clerk, one of my fav’s, I’ll be singing that one all day, followed by The Island of Sorrows a common theme of lost loves there.

Edna’s I pad was up next. Tonight it conjured up 2 performers for us. Stu started with Donovan’s Universal Soldier and went on to The Letter. We didn’t hear much of Stuart in the club – zoom and lockdown have done us a favour there. Another benefit, a face rarely seen followed in the form of Abi, who gave us an exceptional version of a song well known to us and then Unchained Melody. –


  • Was there a coup in place?
  • Did Stuart steal JW’s song ?
  • and was Mike really going to do Who Knows Where the Time Goes?

Dafydd had a poem about St Michael’s Summer. He had been busy this week researching the possibilities of zoom and had learned to screen share. Luckily we got the Welsh – English translation of the poem and not the contents of his spam folder! Bee had a little ditty of her own called Thanks, a cheerful alternative.

John W – recently returned from Cornwall, did he leave the pink guitar behind? It would have been perfect for Donovan’s Mr Tambourine Man and The Hill. He was unseated and frankly upstaged by Carole’s Cedric The Seagull.


  • Who thinks seagulls are cute?
  • and Why on earth would you feed them?

Mike got his turn eventually, bet he wished he was on first tonight! He could have sung the songs he’d been practising all week. Still, in the long running folk tradition of borrowing songs he got his own back, with Come By The Hills and A Song For Ireland. As good, if not better than other versions.

Carl had a Parting Glass for us, a lovely song that really suited his voice, another one John won’t be attempting again!

T Gwyn’s video of Cyn Torri’r Cawg Aur and live rendition of a Dorothea Mackellar poem entitled My Country reduced John Roberts to tears.

On next to The Gaffer, who doesn’t need a microphone or zoom to be heard across the county lines. Ramblin’ Rosie and Deadly Dudley sounded like they belonged in the Wacky Races. Followed by a mercifully short one, where I’m sure he said Lord Horatio’s semen was drowned??

Chas and Dave

Another pair who have long hidden their light under a bushell, Chas and Jan, or Chas and Dave as they will now be known had song about William The Conquerer and definitely the prize for best harmonies of the night.

Crikey are we still on the first round? Alun had not only borrowed, but much changed Codi’r Angor and after turning down his beer volume finished the first half with Black is the colour.

Well that’s enough of lists of performers and songs suffice to say that the second half continued similarly with one or 2 exceptions and additions.

Matthew “Chopper” Jenkins dare we ask how he got that nickname? (Perhaps he had one of those bikes with raised handlebars as a child) was another treat given to us by zoom. Rivers by Frank Turner and Cowboy Chorus nice to see our second “young” person of the night.

Some mad Scottish woman then lectured us on Whisky. Dafydd joined in the spirit of the piece by pouring himself a dram of the best. He obviously took it all on board, using his wine glass in place of a tulip shaped tumbler.

Don’t blame me for your hangover this morning Daf.

It was lovely to see Geoff Durno, who dropped in for a while. Hope your thumbs get better soon, I love hearing you sing.

Final Question:

Was Geoff really in a purple haze, or had I had too much of the amber nectar?

The full goings on can be seen here in the recording.

Have a good week and hope to see you all again next time.

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