Friday October 23rd 2020.

Sorry, it’s JS blogging this week. Last night was definitely “Ladies Night”, with no less than 6 of the female persuasion contributing musically.

Ann Jones (Adie’s wife) had joined us during the soundcheck, and thanked us for the messages she had received. Adie’s funeral is at the crem. at 2.00 next Thursday, although with the regs. none of us can attend. He is “going out” to “Great Balls of Fire”.

I kicked off with a couple. Look, I can only please so many people in a day; next week’s not looking too good either. Lesley followed with “Miss Rowan Davies” on fiddle.

Margaret put in a gorgeous set – where have you been all these years? One unaccompanied and one with some very nice guitar from Stuart. Stu’s own set was Beatles (what can you expect from a house full of Scousers?). When she got off her phone, Abi (despite Stuart having detuned a couple of strings) turned in a predictably stunning set. Marg then went back to her Black Country roots as Stuart plugged in his Stratocaster and they belted out Slade’s “Cum on feel the noize”. It’s all on the video! *

Storm, over in the USA ( I can’t spell Massachusetts) told an uplifting story about a cannibal who threw up what he’d eaten and inspected the result.

Ian joined us from Kent, with a very nice song entitled “A Cotswold Poem”. I always enjoy his relaxed style.

Birthday Boy Mike next. Claims he’s 74, but I reckon that’s his showbiz age. Either that or he’s had a hard life down the pit. He’s still got some colour in his hair ( he’s still got hair! I hear some cry), but I suspect it’s from a bottle.

Bee told us what we all know but don’t like to admit. Not that some of us colour our hair, but that the planet is buggered. Dafydd then put on an unfathomable accent for a Ramblin’ Syd Rumpo classic, “Green Grow my Nadgers O”.

Gaffer only did the one. He described it as “Not so much a song as a community project” – “The Great socks of Europe”. I’m not saying it was lengthy, but Margaret had time to drive back home from her bubble with the scousers, log in and join us again before the end. She’s from West Bromwich.

I’ve never physically met John and Carole, but they are such warm people, I feel I’ve known them half my life. John again sang one of his sentimental songs while Carole read her poem “The Deer”; she can paint such vivid pictures with her verse.

Brian from Sussex tells us he was a dancer (including ballroom, Scottish Country and pole) for 50 years and has only been singing for 5 months. I haven’t heard “Ghost Chickens in the Sky” on the recording yet. Probably mayhem.

Dave Hyche had better internet this week and we got a couple out of him in his big deep Paul Robeson voice. In return he got free property valuation on a house in Essex from Glenys (Disclaimer: property values can vary week to week and Glenys is unsure where Essex is, although she believes her elbow is in the middle of her arm and her ………)

We still had a shedload of people to get through. T Gwyn’s Welsh offering was “Caer Bwlch Y Clawdd” – (“The hill fort – but you all knew that). The Welsh stuff is much more accessible with a rolling translation, but I miss the Betjeman.

Steve and Lisa still have major sound problems, which is a shame as I really wanted to join in with “Liverpool Lou”.

Carl has quickly become a very welcome participant, in the chat as well as with his voice ( and very acceptable guitar work). “Leaving of Liverpool” (always a good decision) is one we often sing en masse at the end of the night.

The Jenkins twins sang about the other side of Jordan, who we now know as best selling author Katie Price (Keith’s twin sister). Not an easy one to sing, but grudgingly I have to admit they did an above average job.

The last turn! Alun had taken his banjo off the wall, dusted it off, tuned it up (always a relative term with a banjo) and knocked out “Saints and Sinners”. The accordion went with “It made me the man that I am”. I always thought it was the booze and snacks that made him the man that he is.

Don’t forget the clocks go back tonight.

*Ok, I made up the bit about Slade.

Answers to Andrew’s Whisky quiz :- bourbon, scotch, still, dram, rye, blend, single, double, grain, malt, barrel, peat, cask.

Wow! A lot to get through. Here’s the recording.

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