Friday 30th October 2020

DISCLAIMER: No offence is meant by any similarities drawn in this weeks work of fiction (sorry, this partially factual blog).

A few weeks ago I wrote the blog around the “Little Boxes” song; this week, I give you “The Muppets”, those funny little puppets that appeared on our screen around the mid 70’s.

The night began as usual with host Alun and co host John conducting the sound check. Sitting high in their balconies like a pair of vultures, they throw out comments they think are clever, but admittedly, usually harmless. Coming back week after week, commentating on and organising the evenings line up, they secretly love the attention and power.

Off to a flyer then, Mike AKA Gonzo The Great, stuntman of the club, fired himself out of a cannon. Consummate showman that he is, he dusted himself off for Peggy Gordon and Canadee-io.

Stuart up next, with Yellow is the Colour and Donovan’s Josie. Stuart claimed he had no fear of Josie, but we all know who rules the roost in that house. Edna’d make a formidable Miss P. I can see her delivering a few well placed karate chops.

Dafydd and Bee had a new look on their PC. Some fancy lighting made them look like they were taking part in Queens’ Bohemian Rhapsody video. Dafydd’s Dychwelyd or Return was about the everlasting peace that is death, while Bee’s seasonal offering, Voices of Autumn, was evocative and stunning.

Ian Campbell next, with 2 lovely songs, both new to me, I’d tell you what they were called, but I don’t think he shared that information with us. John likes Ian’s relaxed easy style, which he has compared to that of our own Geoff Durno. Spooky, or what? on this, near Hallow’s Eve, that Ian left around 9.30 and Geoff appeared a few minutes later. Have they been seen on the same room together?

Sam the Eagle, or Storm, identifying as his country’s national symbol. Sam is somewhat disapproving and was unmoved by Storm’s additional verses to last weeks Halloween Under the Bed song. Muted and Hoping were more offerings along the seasonal line.

John Warburton and Carole were next, one from Light of the Dawn and one of his own from John and another seasonal offering from Carole in A Young Man’s Autumn Walking, painting more pictures in our heads. These 2 must surely be Zoot and Janice throwbacks to the 60’s. Can you play the sax John? Gaffer has a plastic one as I remember.

Dave Hytch, his Halloween offering, The 2 Magicians, came complete with corpses. Dave’s investment in a new computer benefitted us all, his sound and video so much richer and clearer, in fact we could see all of him on screen tonight. Money well spent there.

JS was Waltzing For Dreamers, he can only dream of being asked on Strictly, but I’ve seen his dancing! The Loch Tay Boat Song completed quite a nice set. (I can’t be too complimentary, he might get to expect praise instead of my usual criticism.)

Away from the performances, the renaming fairy had been hard at work throughout the evening, our boxes now included Sober John Warbs, The Parker Knoll’s, Edna’s Slave and The Better Late Than Never Jenkins. – You had to be there-

T Gwyns video Ffydd or Faith, came without English subtitles, which made him even more like the Swedish Chef. “Ooopy doopy” did you ever understand a word he said? Filth with Betjemen’s Senex pleased John. With no image on his 2nd, poor Gwyn obviously had the Gremlins in .

Aussie John lived up to Fozzie Bears reputation of terrible comedian, with a joke about a couple of Australians. Listen to it on the recording.

Carl gave us Gently Johnnie my Jingilio- no I haven’t made it up- apparently it means Gypsy. Anyway a lovely song, well sung and played.

Bet you can’t guess who was next! Even without a drumkit it couldn’t be anyone other than Gaffer. He apparently had a poster of De Gaulle on his wall as a child (explains it all) and his American Blues spot was something to be heard.

With a talent for the banjo and an oddly pleasant singing voice, Alun didn’t do “It’s not easy being green” He did do one wot he rote 33 years ago, he has a long memory, followed by Seth Davey with his dancing dolls. His last one of the night Ar Lan Y Mor won’t help Wales today against the Mighty Scots.

Round again, with time for one more: Mahna Mahna do do do do do Mahna Mahna do do do do … (as The Muppets would sing)

Another good night well sung, hear it all here again on the recording

Today’s blog was brought to you courtesy of Scooter, the glue that holds the evening together. Always in the background with advice and clipboard. Well someone has to make sure the show goes on!

3 Responses to “Friday 30th October 2020”

  1. jonesthephones Says:

    Muppets indeed, one and all…! Hilarious blog. Thank You, Lesley

  2. Brilliantly illustrated blog👏

  3. Doug Springer Says:

    If they ever make “Rhyl Folk Club – The Movie” I propose Lesley in charge of casting!

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