Friday November 6th 2020

Right then, this list is a fake list and you can’t make me. It is a well known fact that the list is illegal, rigged and corrupt. The list is a fraud and I am going to bring the considerable weight of the people to bear upon the court system. The list is a sham and a lie that I do not accept, unless I win- and win I will. We are going to count the votes for the list and everyone knows that only my list is the list that is not a fake list. Fake lists have dogged this system and it is unfair on all likeminded Amurcans who have a mind to accept the list wot they haven’t voted for anyway. If I win, then the list is fine and merely an expression of like-minded Amurcans who have a mind. Make the list great again, when it is my list, the only real list.

Talking of lists, this weeks recommendation is Gwenifer Raymond. Usually, as you know, I try to inculcate some proper music appreciation into you heathens by banging on about The Avett Brothers, Butch Hancock or even, heaven forbid Bruce Cockburn. But this week’s rec is the lady above who comes from the Ton’. My mam came from the Ton’, when it was a suburb of Cardiff. The Ton’ is where you get Castell Coch, a faux castle between Tongwynlais and Taff’s Well. The Garth mountain was at the back of the village where me mam lived. Now, of course, the Ton’ and Taff’s Well are all but assimilated into the urban sprawl of Cardiff. Her debut CD (2018) “You were never much of a Dancer” was well received, so give her new CD “Strange Lights over Garth Mountain” a go. Go on.

John gets us going with a warning about dwindling stocks of fish. A Ralph McTell number completed the opening pair. So we are off to a grand start. John W next with a plea to use our imagination. The levs next with The Boatman. They have played Rhuddlan Castle I’ll have you know. Carol’s verse was about the perils of public transport. Ian started in the line of fire. He followed up with his arrangement of Early One Morning. Very nice arrangement it was too. Bee gave us The Word. More thought provoking stuff. Dafydd gave us a Wilfred Owen poem. Anthem for Doomed Youth. Mike Hawkins next with Cliffs of Duneen. Second was our favourite remembrance song about Sgt McBride. Lisa and Steve continue to be challenged in the sound equipment dept. They sounded nearly there on sound check, but things went a bit awry I’m afraid. But-stop press- Natalia is back ! Gaffer had a song about a returning soldier. A meandering tale about a Lock-keeper’s tool and a slightly shorter tale about low dives and Mother-in laws. A tale of Kings of old England was written on an autobiographical basis. In the absence of a gear-box, much less a clutch the tale involved a list of deaths.

We then had our club’s annual remembrance commemoration with readings from Sheila and me and Alun on cornet.

A new face tonight, from Surrey, Mike Davies was very welcome. We hope he becomes another regular. He had a Stan Rogers song about a foundering vessel. The Mary Ellen Carter was new to us and hugely pleasing to hear. His next was about a young lady in the fields. Virgin country, I think he said. An Irishman, not known to me, Derek Ryan and his song Life is a River was, again, a real treat. All the better for being new to us, I’m sure. A desperately sad song about loss. Geoff Durno was next, via the technology and warp factor and delythium crystals. Geoff was on the zoom as well. Nice to see you Geoff. Ghosts (English) was followed by Brian Carter and his cover with extras of the Tom Paxton classic The Last thing on my Mind. His second was The Ballad of Barry and Freda, in the best tradition of Victoria Wood. He eschewed the prospect of houghmagandie for lagging the central heating pipes. He couldn’t do it. T Gwyn next with a welsh verse Y Pabi Coch. I D Hooson and his Red Poppy was short but sweet. Angels Watching over Me was next. A Jonathan Richman song.
Carl was next with a welsh lullaby, Suo Gan which is a fine song from way back. It can be heard in Spielberg’s Empire of the Sun. This was, again, a new song to most of us and an extra treat for that. Carl has a fine voice. Alun brought this evening of variety and entertainment to a half way stage with a song about an apple- you had to be there. Fine folk to the core.
Alun closed his pair with the beautiful and moving song about obligation and death. Thomas Edward Hoskins fell in the third battle of Ypres. The combination of Welsh and English somehow makes it even more sad than it already is.

Levity was required after the losses of the war to end all wars. John S did the one about the unbroken turtle. John W did a quick midnight special. Mike Davies had coal not dole, Chumbawamba I think. Mike Hawkins gave us Just as the tide was flowing. Eliza Carthy is a fine singer-songwriter from a fine family of artists. Alun had a jolly sing along song that we could contribute one and all. The advice to avoid marriage to more senior colleagues is sound indeed, irrespective of the (alleged) size of his ding doorum. And a good night one and all, see you next week. We may have a result by then, if I win. If the socialists steal the result, then I will see you in court.
Here’s is last night’s recording:

One Response to “Friday November 6th 2020”

  1. jonesthephones Says:

    Excellent wandering blog Andrew, very entertaining. Not sure if it’ll stand up in court though!
    Minor point: Mr Pedantic tells me it’s “Mothers-in-Law” not wot you rote. Ahem.
    Oh, and I’m guessing that the ‘Ton is actually Coryton, just outside Cardiff (or the ‘Diff as it’s known nowadays by locals it seems) I spent many a week/month in Coryton at BT’s regional traning college, when I was a nipper. Must go, I’ve got fruit to bottle! 🙂

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