Friday 20th November 2020

Well another Friday night passes at Rhyl Folk Cub and now there are only 5 weeks left till Christmas and by next week we will be choosing the tree to cut from the field. I can see John’s ba humbug face as he reads this, but I love it.

John set off with Some Dreams and The River by Bruce (The Boss) Springsteen, I can’t remember telling him never to do this song again, but then, perhaps I had simply eradicated it from my memory. It just shows how far he has come over the years. He then tried to get his own back though, when he forgot to put me on, a dangerous game to play! When I get to Aly Bain’s standard with The Pearl I will drop the guitar player.

Geoff Durno was back tonight and gave us Annie’s Song, not the John Denver one. It was lovely to hear you live Geoff, don’t worry about the memory lapse, there were plenty others later in the night and don’t forget the beauty of Zoom, we wouldn’t see the paper with the words!

Ian Campbell went Down to the Sea with words from a John Mansfield poem to a tune of his own. He then, by complete contrast did a song by Metallica. What is it tonight, Springsteen, Metallica and T Gwyn in a leather jacket doing his Fonz impression, are we turning into a Folk Rock Club?

Dafydd and Bee were next, Bee was Travelling Hopefully, with a sad, but poignant poem about migrant boat people, while Dafydd wanted to be English, something rarely said by a Welshman.

Nancy fell over for John W, tell her to take more water with it John. Donovan followed and Carole had Les Barker’s Forever, a serious but sensitive poem – not the type of double entendre filth that JS usually trots out.

Steve Andisaw, a new face, from Birmingham brought along Custard, his amazing tap dancing rabbit, we’ve seen plenty of cats and quite a few dogs, but this was certainly a first.

Steve had other firsts up his sleeve as well. I thought he was going to give us an evocative piece on the panpipes, but when he did a medley of music hall songs and accompanied himself on the the concertina, at the same time ____well, it was certainly something we’d never heard before, but definitely a lot of fun. His second took us on a railway journey around the UK, passing every station along the line, including some impressive Welsh ones. It came complete with rail rhythm on ukelele! ROLY, you have to listen to this on the recording.

Phil was back from Hexham and had to follow that. He did it ably with a Stan Rogers’s song of the sea and one about walking home form the pub (a few drinks had been taken) with talking dogs and dancing daddy long legs!

T Gwyn had a Q and A session in Welsh with English translation and Be Bop a Lula by Gene Vincent. Gwyn had dressed for the occasion in his black leather jacket, but forgot his black leather glove.

Brian did The Dubliners 7 Drunken Nights, the 2nd song of the night warning of the hallucinatory effects of the drink. He then had a Rambling Syd Rumpo compilation. – It’s hard to believe it, but not the first time we’ve heard Green Grow My Nadgers O’. Bee and Dafydd were giving it gusto.

Back to something resembling normality with Lord Franklin from Mike Hawkins and Stan Rogers made his 2nd appearance of the night in The North West Passage.

Crikey, can you believe we’ve still got another 6 turns to go?

Carl was unaccomplished (well, not really a fair description of his ability) with Bonnie Mary of Argyle, but we knew where his priorities lay when he eschewed his guitar, saving his injured elbow for a round of golf on Saturday!

Natalia, our talented Moscow correspondent, gave us a topical poem about global warming, she had written this herself in English – wow – and she had some Welsh phrases. Puts some of the rest of us to shame!

The Gaffer, appearing tonight as Doug Springer, reciprocated with a song in English, which sounded like it was in Russian.

Dave Hytch gave us John Prine and Leonard Cohen in his low, low bass. On the chat, Carl commented that he would be snapped up by any Male Voice Choir. So, if you want to mix your music Dave-

Chas and Jan (alias Dave) had plundered their one and only vinyl album, Fishermen’s Friends (no filth now!) to get Bound for South Australia and my favourite, All You No Hopers , Jokers and Rogues. Brilliant.

Steve got an eight form Craig Revel Horwood for the dancing in his box to the first one.

With so much talent on the screen tonight we only had time to go once about and Alun rounded off the proceedings with Joni Mitchell’s Both Sides Now, a song he had learnt today – almost – . Pretty Saro finished it all, a lovely song, even with the unmuting.

At some point in the evening requests had been discussed. If you have any, put them on the website, FB page or on the Chat next week, any polite ones will be considered.

Have a listen to the recording here and if you don’t have a laugh and a good time you can ask for a refund.

One Response to “Friday 20th November 2020”

  1. jonesthephones Says:

    Nicely balanced blog, Lesley. I even recognised bits of it as being loosely based on fact. Yay…!!! 🙂

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