Friday November 27th 2020.

It’s JS blogging today. It’s a bit tricky trying to make notes while doing the hosting ie there will be little factual content today.

Housekeeping :- We’ve had a card with a lovely message from Ann, thanking us for the donation after Adie’s funeral and saying just how much he enjoyed his Friday nights; he will be very much missed.

It was nice to see a couple of Club regulars get the recognition they deserve this week; Joe and Mary (of Denbigh Bespoke Joinery ) have been chosen by the Post Office this year.

I opened the night with some Robbie Burns, before settling the argument as to whether or not audience participation is possible on Zoom. See the recording, Where did the bloody hens come from?

John W was in soppy mood again and Carole was laying down the rules. Why does Drakeford bother? The idiots in S Wales don’t pay a blind bit of notice.

Mike Davies, whose company we have enjoyed for several weeks, regularly performs with Irene at their local venue. Tonight Irene sang with Mike on a backing track. Brilliant! Karine Polwart’s “Follow the Heron” sung acapella was equally as good. First Xmas decs of the season as well (or are they still up from last year?)

There was quality stuff from Bee (Winter Landscape – a sonnett), then Dafydd left me again questioning my sanity.

Terry was another new face, joining us from Essex. He said that when he joined the meeting at 7.30 he could tell it was going to be “an interesting night” ie. stuck with a load of nutters for 3 hours. His own songs, lovely voice and sympathetic guitar. I’d have gladly parted with used notes (ok, loose change, I’m a tight bastard) to hear this.

Gaffer – a sort of broken token song and another about a Morris dancer leaving his bells attached whilst indulging in the pleasures of the flesh.

Here is a public service announcement.

How to fall asleep in a living room chair.

  1. Be old.
  2. Sit in a chair.

Lisa had pretty good sound quality for her song “The gulls of Invergordon”, about birds getting paralytic on distillery mash, but sadly it went a bit pear shaped again when Steve tried with a mic. We’ll get there in the end.

Back with a club regular; Mike H unknowingly had accompaniment with 4 guitars and a violin for “The water is wide”. Nice to see people being involved.

Mike Davies has been a few times now and I feel comfortable taking the piss. He was being a pirate, with all of his parts ( and a lady who looked far too young to be his wife).

Yet another new face! Where is the barrel they scrape to turn up in N Wales on a Friday? Malcolm joined us from Worcester (I always like the sauce in stews). Playing fiddle, he had some backing tracks to fill in the gaps. Stunningly good. He played “The Rose” and a Swedish polka. If there’s one thing my missus loves more than shoplifting, it’s a dance. She dragged me up for a shuffle round the living room. Worse than my singing (not difficult).

A poem on vid followed by a live song from Gwyn and then a song on vid from Geoff Durno, still sadly cursed by broadband issues. Playing his Lowden tonight.

Brian was still in Eastbourne, (for me, always the home of the Dental Estimates Board), which is perhaps as well – the song of the 6 foot 7 inch woman may not have gone down well with Big Dilys who works Burtons’ Corner (so I hear). Not a woman to tangle with.

Is orange a colour or a fruit?

The deep mellow tones of Dave Hyche followed. Wow! what a voice.

Despite starting off on the water, Alun had got through most of his bottle of Rioja (other wines are available, but seldom as good). “Clare to Here” and “Adra” were both delivered with his usual finesse (ie too many notes).

I opted for a late finish as I wanted to hear all our newbies again. Glad I did! I forgot to ask Margaret if she had a song for us tonight after we’d pestered her for weeks. Sorry!!!

Do we have any thoughts re. a (shorter?) night on Frid Jan 1st?

If you want to put in any requests for songs, put it on the chat on a Friday. They may be totally disregarded, but no harm in asking. For myself, I’d like “Down too deep” from Alun and “Hughes and the 2 arseholes” or “Kaiser Bill” from Gaffer.

Here’s the recording (Proclaimers eat your heart out)

One Response to “Friday November 27th 2020.”

  1. jonesthephones Says:

    Dinna frêt, John…
    “Down Too Deep” (writ by Dooooougie McClean) will be served up on a plate next Friday. Such a good song… shame to spoil it!

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