Friday 11th December 2020

Here we are on the 2nd Friday of Advent, or for the atheists amongst you, the 11th little door in the chocolate calendar. A Christmas Cracker of a night with a fair splattering of Christmas jumpers in evidence.

It’s only officially Christmas at Rhyl Folk Club when Alun sings In The Bleak Midwinter. With tune by Holst and words by Rossetti ( Christina that is, not Rossetti Avenue in Burnley, where JS was dragged up) this is the most beautiful of all the Christmas songs and always makes me cry. It can all begin now. If you weren’t in early enough to hear this, then you MUST listen to it in the recording.

John had to follow that, which he did with The Ballad of Johnnie Puller and The Innocents. John’s Christmas songs can also make me cry, sometimes, as tonight, when they make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, and other times, when their content makes me cringe!

Steve and Lisa continued the Christmas theme with festive offerings of Rudolph and A Blue Christmas.

Ian Campbell then Went West, in opposition to the rest of the religious bods, who were following the star in the east. For those of you with an interest in astronomy you may want to look at the sky on the evening of the 21st of December when, for the first time in 800 years the Christmas Star can be seen as Saturn and Jupiter closely align. (Click the highlight to see more about this)

Mike Hawkins literally Left on his Jet Plane, as he experienced bandwidth issues, luckily Who Knows Where the Time Goes ran smoothly, it was lovely, as always. Sheila followed with Pam Ayre’s You Should Have Asked My Husband. She was obviously talking about Mike, who apparently runs on batteries!, he could take over as Boris’s Special Advisor now Dom Cummings has left the ship. A great example of an old poem that has become topical again as what goes around comes around. Beautifully delivered Sheila.

Dave Hytch Got The Urge For Going. JS gets that when he hears running water (it’s an age thing). Past The Point of Rescue was excellent, one of my favourites and it came over very well on Zoom too.

Geoff Durno brought Roy Bailey back with A Song for David, after which, The Dubliners upset a barrowload of bricks. Nice set Geoff.

Bee, Reeled Through Life, remembering her days as a Scottish Country Dancer. I remember mine as a Highland dancer (yes, there is a distinction), my knees have never been the same since. Bee’s Knees might have fared better with the gentler form of the art.

Dafydd had a Christmas Carol, not by Dickens, which he related in Welsh with English subtitles, we have it all ways here.

Mike and Helen went all Gospel on us, everyone in the boxes were joining in and there were some serious pyrotechnics going on. They then followed it with something we hadn’t heard from Mike before – A Folk Song. It’s nice to get new regulars via Zoom and great that they don’t mind us taking the p.

Brian, is another similarly like minded newbie, his background tonight was obviously one of his sexting images. He has underpants on his list for Father Christmas, it’s always socks in this house.

Chas and Jan had plundered another of their old vinyl collection and found Nos Naddolig Yw or It’s Christmas Eve (Ithink). They followed this with The Ikea Song which resulted in a little joining in from the percussion section.

Gaffer then remembered the days of his youth and his wet nurse, it reminded me of Nursie in Blackadder. He then did another classic type of folk song, a song of the sea in the form of a Haddock which he had on a slab rather than the usual plate.

Gwyn couldn’t be with us in person, but sent a contribution in the form of The Graveyard at Bethel by ID Hooson, I think it involved a discussion between 2 bodies in a cemetery, spooky!

The late Mr and Mrs Warburton had joined us, John had a Peace song, not exactly Christmas, but in the spirit. He then jumped a season to Spring. Carole had promised us 3 seasonal offerings pre Christmas So This is Christmas was the 2nd excellent one.

It now being past 10.30 and the bewitching hour JS finished us off (literally) with Jehova’s Witness. I didn’t think they were into Christmas.

This is your invitation to next weeks RFC Christmas Party, usual time and place. Dress Code: optional jumpers or headwear. There will, of course, be the usual buffet, but as Sheila has forgotten to place the order with Sainsbury’s we are relying on you all to bring a contribution, similarly with the Mega Christmas Raffle.

Here is the link to last nights recording, a great big thank you goes out to Alun, who has spent this morning and half of the night downloading and sorting it all out. (Zoom does strange things to the size of the file at times)

One Response to “Friday 11th December 2020”

  1. jonesthephones Says:

    Lovely blog Lesley. Another smashing night with folky friends.
    Next week is our last before Christmas, so be there or be square

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