Friday December 18th 2020.

We had a big turnout of punters from around the country and indeed around the world for our online Christmas bash. Always a highlight of the year in normal times, the lack of physical presence didn’t dampen our spirits.

Lots of festive hats on display (Viking helmets with bells on?!) but the prize went to John Roberts.

Santa himself made an appearance. We knew it was the real Santa, ‘cos he had a Scouse accent. We had Helen from British Columbia and Storm from Massachusetts. There was even a horse.

On a more serious note, I’ve got a bit of a problem. Having lost our Springer Spaniels about 6 years ago and still missing them, I got Lesley a puppy. Unfortunately Lesley has developed a severe allergic reaction to dogs so I am looking to find a good home. Now trained to reliably wee on newspaper by the back door, has a clean driving licence and can cook; a bit snappy on occasions and has a slight drink problem, Any offers?

A fair few of our singers seemed to have learned the same songs and there was a lot of “Bugger! I was going to do that!”. I thought the raffle went well, although Mike and Helen’s elation on winning my crusty cob quickly turned to disappointment when they realised they would have to go to Tesco’s (or probably Waitrose in their case – Surrey) to buy a lookalike.

Glenys always wins stuff in the raffle, so it was no surprise to see her take the star prize – the Sink Plunger (one careful owner, seldom used).

Fellas. If the lady in your life wants diamonds for Xmas, buy her a deck of cards. Follow Rhyl Folk Club on Twitter for more relationship advice.

Things had been going ok ’til at about 9.00 I was scared s**tless, when a bloke with a torch wearing a mask appeared at my window (we live in an extremely remote location). The guy delivering the Amazon stuff was probably even more scared when he looked in to see a pensioner with a string of sausages around his neck singing to a computer screen full of Muppets.

I’m not listing all the performers and songs – watch it on our YouTube recording, it’s a couple of hours well spent. Some of it was educational – we had songs with bits in Portuguese, Latin, German, French and Welsh, although most were in God’s own language. Up your’s Alun and Gwyn!

There’s no club on the 25th. If your relatives are getting on your thruppenny bits, sit ’em in front of a screen and show them the recording!

Ok, the year’s had it’s ups and downs. While we’ve missed meeting up at the club, Zoom has proved a fair substitute. We proved that audience participation can work on Zoom, although sometimes it requires the help of a reindeer.

Plus we’ve met with wonderful, warm, talented people from all over, who have entertained us every Friday night; some relatively local, some from a few hundred miles away and some from a few thousand.

When this is all over, I’m going to miss them. John and Carole may regret ever turning up however, as I’ll be going to their club on a Tuesday. Sadly, we’ll always now be without Adie.

There is a club night on January 1st; we’ll all be having a quiet NY Eve on our own this year, so come along the night after and we’ll have a bit of fun. I may be plundering my Fascinating Aida catalogue (ie unsuitable for minors).

It simply remains for me, on behalf of everyone at the club to wish you all a Merry Christmas with those you love and surely a better 2021. Here’s the recording – DON’T miss it.

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