Friday 8th January 2021

An insight into another lovely evening at Rhyl Folk Club and might I say, not a bad attendance for a Friday in early January.

I wonder how many people we would have had live at Ty Newydd. We would certainly not have ventured down through the snow, the Stokies wouldn’t have been braving their caravan and I doubt we’d have had anyone from Sussex, Essex or the Isle of Wight. I must confess, that although I miss seeing you all in person, I was very comfortable last night with my feet up in front of the fire, watching you all on the big telly screen.

It was lovely to see faces we hadn’t seen for a while; welcome to Rick and Delora, their first time with us on zoom and to Cheryl in the audience, from whom we’d love to hear something sometime, and of course nice to see Aunty Ann and Frank, glad your feeling better Ann.

There was much talent to be had, I’m not going to list every person and their songs, I’ll just give you a small window of what went on, and you can watch the rest on the recording. This is partly to bring a change to my blog, but mainly because I want to get outside this morning, the sun is out and the snow is Christmas Card perfect here today.

Dafydd was practising for his weekend job as an Elvis impersonator, drinking brewdog ” Elvis Juice” ale and eating cake, I’m sure he said gateaux, but John tells me it was ghetto, must be his Welsh accent.

Our Texan contingent, Rick and Delora, had a cup of tea. A song aptly taken from the Kinks album, Muswell Hillbillies. We didn’t see Delora, but could hear her backing harmonies stage left.

Gaffer, came sponsored by lego, with a bag of bricks (you’ll have to watch it to buid the connection) and also did a parody of Bugeilio’r Gwenith Gwyn, which apparently advocates the Atkins Diet, bu**er that, I’m having chips with my steak tonight!

T Gwyn appears to be stuck in Santa’s grotto, has he been there since before Christmas? He was sweeping leaves, while we were shovelling snow up here in the hills. He also sang The Hurdy Gurdy Man, his was by Donovan, but when I looked it up on’t internet, there appeared to be a version by the Butthole Surfers (be careful out there on the ether).

How does the joke go? What do you call a man in a suit?……Mike and Helen were dressed up, celebrating their wedding anniversary, 48 years ago in Cardiff City Hall, would you believe.

Brian had found a novel way of circumnavigating zoom for a duet with his friend Linda. Amazing, one of them in Eastbourne and the other on The Isle of Wight.

John Warburton gets an award for being clumsy, on Tuesday night he knocked over a whole glass of wine, tonight it was Carole’s cup of tea, perhaps he should be on dry January.

There were, of course lots of others there, not mentioned, but definitely worth watching, Geoff Durno, Mike, Alun and John. See them all here on the recording. Thanks for coming along, thanks for reading and watching and see you all next week.

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