Friday January 15th 2021

The Fridays keep coming round quickly, yet we’ve still got 2 weeks of January left with it’s crap weather and short days. My left arm’s freezing as I’ve had my sleeve rolled up ready for my jab for a fortnight. Apart from the regular dross, we had a host of new faces with us again, so here’s this week’s summary.

As per usual, I kicked off and Lesley played Ms Rowan Davies; Kate and Ian waltzed through the tune down in N Lincs, even through the bum notes.

I’ve known Alan Manouche for the best part of 30 years. and it was great to see him again. Alan was once, along with Nick Jackson and Andy Mac, part of what was arguably N Wales premier folk group (Alun would argue), Fox Firkin.

Sorry, I’m not listing everyone who played or read, watch the vid!

Aitch lives in Cambridge -on-Sea, I don’t know how she stumbled upon our gathering. What a treat, the tears were rolling down my legs.

John’s Relationship Advice.

Gents! Make your lady feel special! Put a photo of her in the kitchen marked “Employee of The Month”. Follow us on Twitter for more advice on keeping your relationships happy during lockdown.

Dewi and Eileen had been listening to their Richard Thompson cassette this week. They sadly fell off the Wall of Death when their sound suddenly vanished.

After being dressed like a couple of nobs last week, Helen and Mike were back in their scruff again, in a Surrey sort of way. Always good fun.

Bee was painting her pictures with words, as only she can. Dafydd – I’m saying nowt.

We missed Gaffer this week, presumably because it was his birthday. “Birthday” is not strictly accurate as he was actually created in a bloke’s shed near Bodmin and Jan 15th was the day 5000 volts were applied to get him up and running.

Last week, Linda appeared as part of a duo with her grandfather (Brian), but she was solo this week. What a talented lady! The South of England must be a very small place as most of our visitors from down there seemed to know each other. I’ll check how many of them have 6 fingers next week.

Carl was giving us full attention this week – no darts or snooker on the telly. Dave Prescott from Norwich was another new face, but sadly went quickly down in our estimation when he revealed he knew Alan Jones, an old friend of the club who now lives in France. Alan is a member of our Thursday quiz nights. This week’s Golden Nugget of Information was “An adult Pygmy Marmoset weighs 150g”. Every day’s a school day.

Alun finished off the night with one for Natalia, our Moscow correspondent; a song in Welsh but in Russian style, accompanied by accordion, about a small kitchen utensil, possibly non stick. When she asked for this, I think she was taking the piss, Alun!

There were loads more people I haven’t mentioned. all talented and entertaining and busting a gut to have a good time. At least we can look forward to a laugh on a Friday, there’s bugger all on the news to cheer us up.

Alun was a week early with his backdrop of Llanddwyn Island; next week there will be a theme of Burns night (real person, celebrated around the world) / St. Dwynwen’s Day (someone with 7 letters in their name and only 1 vowel). Haggis butties at the beer break.

Here’s the link :-

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