Friday January 22nd 2021

Good morning folks, I’m off the bench for this week’s review. A prompt start, which illustrates a commendable enthusiasm all round, on a night which was to have over 30 zoomers. Is that a word?

            Tonight was a bipolar theme of Burns Night and St Dwynwen’s day. Sort of eighteenth century versus the sixth. Turns seemed to favour the north of the border, with one or two exceptions. Trans-global contributors are busy negotiating their appearance times with Beniar, so that they can get some kip, or don’t have to get up and dressed? I don’t know, its no good asking me what time it is in Albuquerque or Omsk.

            Lovely to see Helen again as well as Natasha, who looked as if she was going to a wedding. Cracking hat . Carl was doing requests and Irene brought her Dundee voice, splendid all round. Blast from the past department was supplied by Richard (Rick) Tynan. Another huge welcome back for Neal and Shereen.

            As you ferret around the YouTube stream trying to find Mike’s hat or Phil’s dog, don’t miss the Haggis recipe courtesy of Dafydd’s mum (95 !) delivered by Bee. You can make better use of Haggis (both meat and meat-free) as a surround for scotch eggs. Not many people know that.

            Anyway, there are both comestible and aural treats within, so get to it. I will finish with two statements that always need to be said.

  1. Between Beniar and Aloon, they put a lot of hard work in to make it look as it is, all for our collective enjoyment. They are to be commended.
  2. Gaffer is playing spoons on a tin of Haggis.

      Stay safe, thank you and please come back next week.

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