The news this week was promoting Zoom singing as a breathing and lung improver post Covid and with this in mind we had 30 boxes full of people turn up for their prophylactic dose this evening.

A good number of people, despite 2 or 3 boxes of regulars missing and a great night. It started with several melancholy (some may say miserable) numbers and there was certainly no need for beta blockers or valium tonight. People were so laid back I thought some of them had dropped off, it could have just been an age thing.

Carl and Alan proffered late offerings for St Dwynwen and Burns this week, both excellent and we were glad we didn’t miss out on them.

Carole and John were playing at Pirates, having had to change rooms and computers following an earlier incident with a glass of wine. John was looking to win a goldfish as he tried for the bullseye (laptop), Instead Carole wrote a poem to forever remind him of his inability to keep a glass upright.

Things to look out for on this weeks recording:

  • John Shepherd’s softer side
  • Ian Campbells soporific voice
  • Mike Davies’ key change oooooooooh!
  • Daniel O’ Donnell’s biggest fan
  • Terry from Essex’s guitar with extra notes
  • Vegetarians – beware The Gaffer

John offended half the audience when he suggested that most of them were old enough to have had their Covid jabs. Same old John, no change there then.

In the audience, Edna denied keeping Stuart in chains (see name caption) and to be fair, Stuart didn’t look too traumatised by it. Glenys denied being a multi millionaire as houses fly off the shelf in Prestatyn estate agent boom. (No begging letters please.)


Word of the week, submitted in the chat, by a Mr. A Pritchard. Look it up and see if you can spot where it comes in the second half. Clue – note Alun’s background.

In a night that was to be measured uphill or downhill from St Asaph, in terms of altitude, the same cannot be applied to the standard of singing and performance, which was excellent across the board. Thank you everyone who contributed, you make a Friday night.

Housekeeping: At a zoom meeting of the interim committee earlier this week, the possibility of a Zoom AGM was discussed, if this is deemed feasible details will follow. Theme nights were also suggested and Andrew is on the case – watch this space.

Here is the link to this weeks recording, enjoy it as you sit in splendid isolation.

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