Friday February 5th 2021.

The night didn’t start well, with me forgetting the first line of the first song, but rapidly picked up. There were a couple of other pieces which reminded us that we grew up in a different era to the kids of today, and few would argue that we didn’t get the better deal, even though in the 50s/ early 6os, certainly in NE Lancs, everyone was poor, we didn’t have a pot to piss in. Bugger! I’ll be in trouble for that! We didn’t have a pot in which to piss (the grammar Nazis will be on my case).

It was good to see Nick back. There was talk of a new N. Wales Folk Supergroup being formed, with Nick, Alan and Alun (Bum Firkin?, Fox Box? Suggestions on a postcard….).

Gaffer had been reading his Ladybird Book of Fascists and Megalomaniacs again and eating bowls of Mussolini for his tea.

A notable absentee was the rotund Welsh gentleman, who regularly appears to spout on about how the Welsh were going to paste everyone at the rugby; a significant no-show?

What does Brian have that the rest of us blokes lack? Every week he appears with an attractive young lady (niece?) to accompany him. The brown stuff will surely hit the fan when Linda finds out he’s been two-timing her.

This week’s Golden Nugget for your quiz night is :-

Mescalero – a member of a nomadic Apache tribe, from New Mexico.

Not as John W suggested, a hippy off his face on magic mushrooms.

There was a message from our sponsor, when Irene sang “Coulter’s Candy” (an aniseed flavoured confectionery made in Melrose, probably responsible for much of the rampant decay endemic in the Jocks). Lesley remembers this song as “Ally Bally”, which the girls would sing while throwing balls against a wall. I suspect the boys whose balls were involved were less than enthusiastic.

We have a theme for next week – “Weather” (whether? Or not?). If you would like to pick a song that contains a meteorological element, it would be appreciated, even just the odd word, but this is by no means compulsory, just a bit of fun.

Here’s the link to the recording. Have a good week and hopefully a jab.

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