Folkie Review.
Here we are again, happy as can be, all good friends and jolly good company. My carer and her post jab-itis is on the mend, though it is spreading up to the top of the Upper Denbigh Road apparently. Splendid to see Stu and Edna back, all the best to them. A big up to Roly for all his weather suggestions this week via the f/b.

Derek singing for us

Now, look here, we need to stop taking the Mick out of our chums darn sarth. There is nowt rang wi shopping in Waitrose, and saying barth.

A slight hiccup at the start, but we were soon up and running. I am pleased to say that the theme suggested seemed to meet general approval. I was disappointed at the absence of Storm this week, as I had my nominative determinism lecture to bore you with.

Aussie John‘s contribution: Snow

So, when you get to the bottom of this rambling discourse and get to the nit unt grit, you will all have a mini-treatlet spotting the weather in probably all the super offerings from last night. Most people had wind and rain. Mike had a misty morning, whilst John W had fair weather- and crabs! Carol and Bee cheered us up with the sunshine. Dafydd had an annual report and even Gaffer had a curved ball, in that he was in Spain with no rain.

Gaffer Singing in the Rain

Once again, very well done all round, see you next week. Now click the link and let the wonder that is YouTube entertain you with last night’s weather.

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