Well here we are another Friday and tonight we had a virtual smorgasbord on offer. Listeners Kate and Ian had brought sausages from their home in N. Linconshire, newbies, Alison and Steve had brought a bottle of Worcestershire sauce and Irene had been to Waitrose for some luxury truffled mash. Stu and Edna had crisps from Leicester and Phil had some herring from Tesco.

There were also plenty of delights on offer in the music department.

Alison and Steve had been trawling zoom for Folk Clubs and found us, some may say somewhere near the bottom of the barrel, but I disagree, it’s always a good night at Rhyl and we were mighty glad they persevered. Great singing from them.

In poets corner this week:

Bee announced that her Gran’s house was for sale, you should have seen how fast Glenys shifted, she wanted to stake her claim as Estate Agent.

Dafydd’s naughty limericks, John awaits his prize for guessing the author.

T Gwyn lifting the coffin lid and Carole’s view form North Wales

Gaffer’s song explained:

North – Gogledd

East – Dwyria

South – De

West – Gorllewin

Longstanding club members will like Rick’s interpretation of Dave Costello’s interpretation of Richard Thompson’s Down Where the Drunkards Roll. (I think Dave Burland’s interpretation is pretty good too.) Spot the other DC song later from Alan Manouch.

Another excellent night, thank you everyone for coming and if you couldn’t make it, watch it here on the you tube recording.

One Response to “FRIDAY 19TH FEBRUARY 2021”

  1. Alison Underwood Says:

    Well that was a surprise email – thank you for your kind comments! Hope to see you again soon.

    Stay Safe

    Alison <

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