Friday February 26th 2021

It was a slightly quieter night (in terms only of numbers) than of late, which made my job a bit easier, as we were comfortably able to get round everyone twice.

Alun was again demonstrating that it is the least athletic members of society who wear “sport” shirts, but I have to admit that he does a great job sorting out any problems people may have with their sound and helping to keep the night flowing.

Mike had to depart mid evening to sort out the mice, in varying states of dismemberment, his cat had proudly brought to show him. Reminds me of Bohemian Rhapsody – “Mama, I just killed a mouse. Smacked my paw upon his head, his remains are on your bed”.

The grammar police were out in force tonight. There were several arrests with long sentences expected. Me? I never done nuffin’ rong.

There were also several incidents involving never-has-beens trying to offload their leftover cds. “Filling Time” by Painless John is however a quality piece of music, but hurry, there are only a few left. There are plenty still available from Terry; details of his website can be found on our Facebook page. Alun has splashed the cash and says that, not surprisingly, it’s a cracker.

Most of us, or at least those of us who still have a barnet, are now showing signs of needing a severe talking to with a pair of scissors. I noted that Mike D was looking fairly neat; apparently Helen does the business for him. In desperation, I’d been to see the woman who works Parrys’ corner, as she advertises as doing anything for twenty quid. She apparently draws the line at haircuts – says she has standards. The pair sang about a dead skunk in the road. Us pensioners out in the sticks who supplement our meagre diet with roadkill can only dream of finding such a treasure.

“Emerald Green” was my favourite song of 2018. I’d heard it sung by Ruth Powell with “Risky Business” (and then t’other Val from the club). Dewi and Eileen did it justice.

Brian, our chum from Eastbourne, is going through a difficult time at home; if you read this blog, Brian, everyone at the club sends you their love and big hugs.

A video from the vaults featuring Rum Bum & Concertina rounded off a memorable night – not the best quality recording, but it brought back lots of memories.

Here’s the link to the YouTube recording. I’m really looking forward to listening to it all again, there were some classy performances and banter by the bucketful. You can’t not miss it nohow.

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