Friday March 5th 2021

Hello and good morning to you all. It is International Women’s Day on Monday, and we had, last evening, no less than ten ladies among our turns. This is something that, as a club, we have worked hard to encourage. Having that many from the distaff side all contributing to the evening is both gratifying and heart warming.

            Back to school next week as well, and we had contributions to Physics O-level, Sod’s Law and A-level geography (canals). As well as Use of English GCSE on the benefits of brevity. Among the highlights of a cracking night were the (young and female) Abi, who had nicked Stu’s guitar, and Gaffer (not female), whose casual brilliance on brevity was a beauty to behold.

            The collective achievements and hard work of John and Alun in bringing together these Friday evenings should not be underestimated. The quality and standard of all your contributions combine to present a thoroughly entertaining and convivial evening that is both enjoyable and amusing. As a non singing attendee, I thank everyone. You should all be mighty pleased with yourselves- there, I’ve said it- thank you!

            Next week’s homework, should you choose to accept it, is colour. I look forward to Bob Lind covers. Enjoy the video.

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