Friday 12th March 2021

It was an extremely colourful evening at Rhyl Folk Club last night. Our Chairman had announced our “homework” for this week was to include colour in a song, almost everyone stepped up and we had a veritable rainbow on display.

Absentees this week included Bee, who was unable to be with us due to a clash. Good news is that she’s had some cream for it and will be back next week. Mike was only able to be with us for a short period; he said that the dog had eaten his homework and as punishment for attempting a song with no colour, BT withdrew his internet privileges.

COLOUR: Noun – Definition:- The property possessed by an object which produces different sensations on the eye as a result of the way it reflects or emits light.

If we ignore the tertiary colours on the colour wheel, I think we covered most bases quite well. Marks on the homework front were given for the following:

Red – which came in Gaelic and Welsh, with John’s Nighean Ruadh (red haired girl) and Alan’s Crib Goch (red ridge)

Orange – was covered by Phil, with Rust.

Yellow – also a bi-lingual colour, that of golden sunshine, provided by Geoff Durno and melyn, from T Gwyn and Alun.

Green – was to be found in Mike and Helen’s Green Pastures and Chas and Jan’s Fiddler’s Green.

Blue – came in the form of the blue button, the singers saviour on zoom and was also there in John’s Saturday Nights.

Violet – I struggled with, but persuaded myself that Chris’s wine could be described as purple.

John Warburton, had marks deducted for trying to be too clever, providing multiple entries with Donovan’s Colours and others were disqualified for trying to sneak black into their homework, namely Helen’s grimy black foam and Chas and Jan’s Black Velvet Band.

Black, is, of course, the complete absence of colour and is demonstrated here by Geoff with his black jumper and his black carbon fibre guitar.

Newcomer Mark had problems submitting his homework, it’s hard to get a word in when your playing a whistle. But we’ll give him marks for an excellent performance.

Elsewhere – The “Chat” taught us, that carbon fibre guitars are indestructible, papier mache banjo’s don’t do well in the rain and electronic accordions can’t be played in the bath.

Finally – you can gain extra marks for correctly identifying the number of songs Gaffer managed in 4 minutes.

You can of course hear these and all the other homework entries, all of which were excellent, in the you tube recording.

Thank you to everyone who came along, it was a brilliant evening.

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