Friday March 19th 2021

Turn the clock back 365 days and we had had our last night together at Tynewydd before the brown stuff really hit the fan and we began our 12 months of incarceration (with no bog roll). On the upside we’ve got lots of new chums – I hope we can still keep in touch somehow if normality is ever resumed. First time performers Nick and Christine were another treat last night, beaming through the ethers from Whitby.

People were protesting (mainly John & Carole, but most people had a bit of a grouse), not, it must be said without good reason.

Brian and Linda sang a duet; not just alternate verses, but alternate lines! They admitted to having had a practise in the afternoon. Is practising an admission of incompetence? Discuss.

The reluctance of mainland Europe to get themselves vaccinated made me wonder. Every person who received the smallpox vaccine in 1798 has since died. Mmmm. Makes you think.

There was some raunchy (off screen) sex from “the Waitrose Doggers” down in Surrey. To be fair, it was Mike’s birthday. Still down in Surrey, it is impossible to listen to Irene and not compare her to Barbara Dixon. A wig?

Guys! When your wife is really, really angry with you, simply tell her she’s over reacting. She will realise you are right and calm down instantly. Follow me on Twatter for more relationship advice.

We missed Gaffer last night – how am I going to get my History O level? Also, Dafydd and Bee were absent without a note.

Alun had a new toy. A Suzuki Q chord (an electric keyboard/guitar combo, sounded a bit like a harmonium), probably not suited to being played in the bath, but a nice change from guitars.

It’s not easy to host the show and make notes, so this week’s blog is a little short on factual material. Here’s the YouTube link – don’t miss Mike H when he paused for a millisecond too long after a verse and got premature clap when we all thought he’d finished.

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