Friday March 26th 2021

“crowded, varied and lovely”

John, manfully running the show, alternately hindered by ARJ and a broadband connection about as reliable as a politician’s promise.

Spoiler alert: Scotland won.

Other notices: Next week is our (famous) Good Friday anniversary party. 57 years young. These are cracking dos, with everyone pulling together and bringing crisps, scotch eggs and singing Bruce Cockburn covers. And, a raffle!

            Spoiler alert 2. Clocks go forward tomorrow. Homework next week is for happy songs, if you can, please. Nautical songs should limit deaths to keel-hauling and lost overboard. Pastoral ditties should be a maximum of two hangings.

What can I say of last night? I looked up hyperbole, but I could neither spell it nor pronounce it. I will limit myself to reiterating our host’s welcome to the newcomers and exhort all members to click on the YouTube link and see if I’m not telling the stone cold truth. As fine a version of Caledonia as you’d hear in a day’s march, Sammy’s Bar reopened as a plea for proper public transport and a feminist sea shanty. And if that doesn’t get your juices going, you’d best check your pulse. So, a thank you to both the NHS and to those involved last night. Enjoy!

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