Friday April 2nd 2021.

57 years of Rhyl Folk Club! An achievement not to be sniffed at. The club had provided a sumptuous buffet and again, our members had been more than generous with their donations for the raffle, but more of that later.

We had members dating back from 1970, and others who had turned up for the first time last night. Chris Rogan joined us from his home just North of Bury. Lesley remembers me taking her on a date, promising her a slap up meal. Black puddin’ on a paper plate, doused in vinegar at Bury market. She knew she was on to a winner with me.

Several of us used to go to the club when it was at the Bee; not the most salubrious of venues – I remember the sign in the Gents – “Please do not throw cigarettes in the urinals, it makes them soggy and difficult to light”. We had a few more famous celebs join us for the party – Laurel and Hardy, Basil and Sybil Fawlty all contributed. Chas & Jan’s tribute to Paul Hollywood was thankfully after the watershed. We also had ladies a plenty, with a special mention to Erin; not only does she have 2 X chromosomes, she’s 40 odd years below pensionable age!

The raffle. Always a club night highlight. Sometimes the only one. Irene won the bread (but was unable to collect from me due to the snipers Drakeford has posted on the borders), Gaffer won Alun’s recently shaved-off beard in a bag, Carole got the invite to a wine tasting up here at Beniar (but is teetotal), and Alan got the star prize of the extraction of a tooth of his choice (sorry no local anaesthetic).

So there we are, another year gone. Probably the strangest year in the club’s 57 years. The YouTube link is there below, but I would like to thank all the people who have given so much to the club over the years, all the brand new faces we have seen courtesy of Zoom post covid, all of whom I’m proud to call my friends. I’m off to look at Chris Rogan’s website.

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