After last weeks “Happy” theme we were back to the usual misery, death and despair, and none more so than your ever jovial host John Shepherd. John, week after week brings doom and gloom to your Friday nights and does his best to insult everyone equally. I think all will agree, he does this very well.

Along with the misery there were a few gentle, heartfelt songs, but, if you’re looking for something happy, you’ll have to fast forward to the final song of the night from Alun.

This weeks visitors hailed from Surrey, Essex, Eastbourne, The Isle of White, Vancouver (via Newcastle), Cumbria, Gateshead and Northumberland. Is there a North East takeover in the offing? Our brilliant stale-warts and regulars however, put up a good fight and Rhyl Folk Club lives on!

One of the problems with so many performers is that there’s more chance of someone else doing your song before you and in some cases, doing it better.

Songs that people have had to give up this week:

John – The Bergen

Alan – The Valley of Strathmore

Alun – Ride On

Funnily enough this is not a problem for our Gaffer with his unique and inimitable style.

Things we learnt last night:

  • Knitters Weekly recommend Aberkan for all your essential bits and bobs
  • Flying fish jump out of a hot pan
  • Every clever **** has a fish pun

(Explanatory note for those who missed it on the chat – Storm’s excuse for his late arrival was that his fish for lunch launched itself out of the frying pan and down the back of the fridge, sounds like a bit of a fishy tale to me.)

Questions of the week:

  • Is Dave Hytch really Monty Don?
  • What tickled Alun and Alan?
  • What is the interesting piece on T Gwyn’s wall?

Quote of the week (according to ARJ)

John Shepherd: “I bet it’s not a proper song anyway – probably just something you wrote yourself!”

Look out for this and many other interesting moments as you enjoy listening to all that went on last night here on the you tube link. Thank you to all.

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