Friday April 16th 2021

Another Friday comes and goes. We begin this week with a warm welcome to Rich Krueger. Another medic with a beard and the nominative determinism to entertain us all. All the way from the Windy City, no less. We hope you will become a regular, as you are already rich. Big news of the night was that Mike Hawkins was absent, this is like saying Messi didn’t score. ‘Pooter problems that we hope may soon be mended. Mike and Helen were responding to the special offer on vegan petit-fours at the local Waitrose, so had to jib. That is what didn’t happen, but the reality of the night was , once again a torrent of talent, ticklers and titles (long). The seamless start ritual that ARJ has conceived was, again, a balls-up of the usual proportions, assisted by John, who forgot to unmute himself despite a furore (silent) from all the muppet boxes.

Izzy gave us whiskey on a Sunday, and our north of the border history lesson told us that it was the anniversary of Culloden. Geoff Durno- class, as usual. Biggest hoot of the evening, which you will find just after half way (1.46.23) was, undoubtedly, Edna. Andy Clapham had kindly asked Edna to assist in his story of the irascible Mrs Johnson (No 34), now bugger off and listen to it all.

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