Friday April 23rd 2021

Finally, after almost a year, I managed a faultless start! A busy night with most of the usual suspects. Mike-watch-every-penny Hawkins had had his ZX Spectrum upgraded and managed to stay with us all night. Mike and Helen Davies were also back; should we change the log-in details? Geoff Durno was there too but couldn’t play, which is a great shame. He’s having problems with stiff joints; I keep telling him he’s rolling them too tight.

It was St. George’s Day; as interesting to the Welsh as St. David’s Day is to the English. There was some discussion as to George’s ancestry and also his parentage, JW suggesting the slayer of dragons father’s name was not entered on his birth certificate.

An eclectic selection of music, including songs made famous by Eddie Cochran and Ken Dodd, as well as Shakespeare in 2 languages.

Painless John’s solutions for the quiet life.

Guys! Had enough of the constant “You left the seat up again” nag? Simple solution. Use the sink!

Linda sang “The Days of Pearly Spencer” (and very popular it was too). This involved Brian going out to a phone box (one of the few public conveniences still open) for the distorted voice effect.

Brian and Sue disappointed me when they said they were the only people from the North East who didn’t know “Sally Wheatley”. I might have to learn it myself, but it’s not the same without a N.E. accent. Anything this pair sing is always memorable though.

We were busy and a bit pushed for time, but the cheer could be heard in Chicago when I said I’d drop myself from the list for the 2nd half. A shame really as I’d planned “Bye bye baby” as a tribute to the late Les McKeown; Lesley had even knocked me up a pair of cut-off tartan trousers specially.

Star prize this week goes to Bee for her poem about coming out of lockdown, “Sunrise and Clear Skies”, which Alun sang to the tune normally used for “Crossing the Bar”. Simply excellent.

So, there we are, another week nearer the wooden overcoat, but at least we still have Friday night with our chums. Here’s the link :-

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