Friday April 30th 2021.

We seem to alternate mad busy weeks with relatively quieter ones. Tonight was a quieter one, but has the advantage that I have time to go round to most of the audience Muppet boxes, so no one misses out on being insulted and ridiculed.

Some people had brought their grandchildren along. Child cruelty? Iago didn’t have much to say, mainly because Glenys was grasping him firmly round the throat to stop him crying, but T Gwyn minor, Jack, seemed to enjoy himself, although at times it looked a bit like Gwyn was doing his ventriloquist act with Jack on his knee.

Alice and Dave had both had their hair sorted this week. Mixed results. Alun thought Alice had a look of Lucy Owen, off the Welsh BBC news. Alun’s tv is still valve powered, I should add. Dave had opted for the “don’t mess with me, I’m well ‘ard” look.

Financial Advice.

A mortgage will take 30 years hard work to pay off. Rob a bank and you’ll be out in 10.

(The author’s views are not necessarily those of the club)

Gwyn’s regular format of spoken Welsh, with text in Welsh and English works really well on Zoom (despite all I say), but last night was a club favourite. Betjeman’s “Myfanwy”! Oooohhhhh! Gets the juices flowing.

Chas and Jan were able to be with us from 8 o’clock. Always entertaining. Tonight’s offerings included a song about a bank holiday treat; a trip to Ikea (other furniture stores are available). Ikea is the retail equivalent of the Flying Dutchman, where you are destined to walk the floors for eternity.

Maureen from Vancouver asked if it was a theme night when she joined. It wasn’t but it will be on May 14th, when AP has decreed we should find songs containing a name. Not too difficult, I’d have thought.

Here’s the YouTube link:-

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