Friday, May 7th 2021

Every day is a school day.

Right, class, we’ve a busy day and by Jove ,we’ll need to be on our toes tonight. Although, not John, who has a note from his mum. No P.E for you boy! ARJ will do the job of keeping his balls in the air. No sniggering, Edna. We have a couple of new boys and girls this evening and, as ever, they are warmly received into the fold and can be assured of a friendly reception at all times. The attendance tonight is in excess of twenty, so we have a challenge, but we’ll get there.

We have tonight for your delectation and appreciation a veritable cornucopia of fun and chat and musicianship. Personal favourites for me are Alan’s pipes, Curtis at Bimbo Bay, oh, and you’ll need pen and paper if you want to go to Valparaiso in a rowboat- from Vancouver. Maureen has the details. New boys Paul and Jon were also, ahem, on song. Jon is from Hampshire and has a good claim for the oldest English folk club. And, he’s been to Rhyl!

 How John got through them all and Alun juggling the list was a joy to behold. And we even had time for a few returns after Gaffer’s helpful suggestion to hear more from the newbies. As usual then, get on the old YT and enjoy another tuneful evening’s entertainment. Next week, we have homework. Please try to include a song with a name in it. Just a bit of whimsy, but we like to stretch our participants. Oh, did I mention Terry Hiscock’s version of She Moved through the Fair? Wonderful.

One Response to “Friday, May 7th 2021”

  1. jonesthephones Says:

    Excellent Blog peeps. Just one thing. Not newby Jon, but Paul from Hampshire, with a folk club ( as I recall) started in 1963

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