Friday 14th May 2021

Another Friday and it was a busy one again. We welcomed a new face, Gwyneth, who despite her name hailed from London, albeit with Welsh roots. It’s always nice to see new people, we hoped you enjoyed it and come back soon. Other occasionals were there, Dewi and Eileen, Paul, Jack and Colin and along with the usual crowd we had a great night.

Names were the name of the day – does that break the rules of the grammar police? I’m sure they’ll let me know. The challenge accepted, there were plenty to be heard throughout the night, but I thought I’d point out a few of the more obscure entries:

Rich – vio”lin”

Mike H – “Sey”ano”more”

Dafydd – was perpen”dic”ular

Mike and Helen – used to “carry” my books to school

Maureen – with her “ed” tucked underneath her arm

Gwyneth – we lived in “Shan”ty houses

Alun – was a real bad “penny”

John S – was standing on a runway in “Sandi”ago

Alan M – claimed not to have prepared one with a name but, as he said he was not really t”ryan”

John Shepherd’s first entry was disqualified as he tried to include too many – Bogie, Isabel, Lily and Primrose, don’t try to be a clever ….!

Of course I should point out Gaffer’s sound effect machine in Bernard Melcher in the second half. Don’t miss it on the recording, it’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Thanks everyone for coming, and making it such a fun night.

IMPORTANT NOTICE We won’t see you next week as we’re having a week off (holidays and such like) but we’ll be back on the 28th of MAY.

Be sure to listen to the recording here on you tube.

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