Friday May 28th 2021

Alun has been presented with a massive file size from Zoom, so, if he manages to salvage it, the recording will appear later, in the usual place below this drivel. It also means I’ve no screenshots to put in.

After a week off, it was good to see all our talented performers once again. Myself, Mike and Helen were also there. In fact we had a first; with the rules allowing more socialisation, the Davies pair were joined by Irene in the flesh for a threesome. Apparently “threesomes” are popular in that part of Surrey. Poor “Dave from Mumbles” had been ditched by Irene and left at home with the attractive Au Pair. Mike’s guitar work looked suspect.

We had a very young performer! Aiden recited the Welsh nursery rhyme Jac Y Do (the jackdaw). So good we had a second dose, as it was very short.

A word from our sponsors –

Uncle John’s relationship column.

Guys! If the wife says “Correct me if I’m wrong…..”. Do NOT, under any circumstances do it. Ditto with “Fine! Go ahead!”

Always remember, anything you say to your wife will be recorded for training and quality purposes.

Several regular faces were missing, presumably with family stuff going on at the Bank Holiday weekend, but I suppose we must accept that we will be seeing less of some of our new found chums as life returns to some form of normality. I sincerely hope we can keep in touch with many. On the plus side, we had lots of time to chat, and I could allow time for all the couples to get their proper allocation of songs.

As you have already gathered, I’m scratching round for material today. If the YouTube vid appears, I’ll put it in later.

Not that you care, but my back is on the mend.

Finally, if you want to put a request for anyone to do a particular song (that they know!) don’t be afraid to ask.

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