FRIDAY 4th JUNE 2021

Another Friday evening at Rhyl Folk Club and despite the glorious summer weather and the easing of restrictions plenty of people still turned up.

While it wasn’t a theme night, there were numerous contributions on the D Day front.

Mike, after alerting people to the subject, did Willie McBride – wasn’t he in the wrong war? This clearly opened the doors and offerings poured in from various conflicts.

Dafydd – was a Willing Conscript

Terry was in The Middle East;

Bee was in Syria – Bee’s poems always paint pictures for me, this one was particularly graphic and poignant.

Phil’s war was long forgotten, that is, I can’t remember which one it was!

Away from war – Chas and Jan were wrapped up in rubber and jodhpurs, what they get up to in the confines of their own home is their business. This is the trouble with zoom, sometimes you get to see things you’d rather not have seen.

Mike and Helen were singing about God’s Creatures and Gaffer was slicing pickles.

Word of the night, courtesy of Bee – lugubrious

Things you wont see on the recording:

Phil’s shorts

Chas and Jan role playing to Mike and Helen’s “Lay Your Head…” – bet they didn’t realise it was an “Action Song”

Yveline’s pink headphones.

Glenys’s plaster cast and bruises.

and The Stokies – they were stuck in a time warp in Denbigh’s Cae Dai 50’s museum .

Things we learnt:

Alun sees chords as colours. How does he do that if he’s colour blind? Alun and Brian Race both suffer from this affliction, doesn’t affect the quality of their singing.

A note to our chairman – Andrew P. Look out for Carl’s version of Fields of Athenry, while obviously not a patch on yours, it’s definitely worth a mention. And finally, who was responsible for starting to plumb the depths with the gynaecological jokes?

Thanks to everyone who joins us from around the country and abroad, we count you all as our friends and part of our club. Watch them all again on the you tube recording below.

This drivel was brought to you by Lesley, the good woman behind JS, just remember, that while I have some influence over his actions, I can’t control what comes out of his gob!

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