Friday June 11th 2021

After what started off looking like a quiet night, it got busier and with all the banter going on and the general incompetence of the idiot running the show, we had an all time late finish. A good night though.

T Gwyn’s grandson Jac is fast becoming a cult figure; tonight he had a rap version of a Welsh nursery rhyme.

At last we got Margaret to sing for us! Light under bushel or what? “Black Hills of Dakota” in a Black Country accent. Beautiful. Like “Peaky Blinders the Musical”.

Uncle John’s Health and Lifestyle Advice.

Q. Every day I hear a voice telling me what to do; do I have mental health issues or am I possessed by demons? (from “Big Al”)

A. Neither. You’re married.

Q. My child won’t eat fish, what can I replace it with? (from Gladys).

A. A cat. Cats love fish.

Brian and Sue had learnt “Down too Deep” (Dougie Maclean) in a week! Lovely harmonies as always and great guitar work from Brian.

Brian giving it some welly

Top filth award this week goes to Izzie for her rendition relating to several shades of grey, and Dave Hyche wins the nostalgia prize for “It’s Only Make Believe”.

As many of you know, I’m moving house in just over a week. Stress!!!! Next time I move someone will be carrying me out in a wooden overcoat (although Funeral Directors are almost as low a life form as solicitors or estate agents (except Glenys). Friday nights are keeping me sane(ish). Remember…….

That’s your lot for this week. “But you didn’t say much about the night John!” Tough. Watch it on YouTube.

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