Verse or Worse?

The whistle goes, we”re all here, its only football

Across the pond v those at home, it really is too close to call

Then Stones hit the post

Three acres of land is surely some dedication

We have a short break to discuss re-location

Sheila’s in nostalgia mode with her message

Mike’s in search of the north-west passage

Fine save from Pickford

Rich doing jokes about having a wee

Brian and Sue, always a pleasure to see

Jack has left Taid down in the dumps

There follows some chat about dicky pumps

Good save from Marshall

Now, Peter Cook he’s new, he comes with his Buckets of rain

He’s welcome, from York, I’ll go there again

Grealish is warming up

Helen gave us a sad song about mother’s woes

All because of those Holy joes

Things took a turn about obstetric employ

But, wait!, Natasha’s back- what joy!

There followed a ditty about Wandsworth six X

And hard time blues waiting for cheques

We just had time for Norman and Norma, and, of course Nancy

Always a bit of what we fancy

After twenty odd years John and Lesley left Wales- still frisky

With a parting glass- full of whisky

Goodnight and joy be with you all

It is after all, just a game of football.

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