The title of today’s blog is a thinly veiled attempt to repudiate the wicked calumny that I make this up.

The evening began with a brief discussion on the merits of top notes and bottom keys.

I opened a beer. Izzy’s dog made for the door.

The evening was of the usual high standard and we met some new people, welcome all. Jez Lowe was was well represented and there’s nowt wrong with that. We had a dancing cat, a broken O, a coal town road. To say nothing of the Saw Doctors and the beauty that is Donegal. Gaffer ran the raffle and we had antipodean crackling. You lot are spoilt.

This may be a propitious time to offer up a Zoom tutorial. Not everyone has the prodigious understanding of the platform as evidenced by Storm’s hints and tips.

1 Unmute yourself before you start the recording.

2 Do not share recipes for left-over wine.

3 Do not advocate the questionable benefits of Dandelion and Burdock to and audience who mostly rely on the benefits of the falling down water.

4 Do not try to look at your phone while in the muppet box, similarly, give the TV a miss.

5 Do not attempt to engage Alexa, unless to order beer.

6 It is impossible to make any sense out of the cacophony of voices (post turn), inevitably,you all speak at the same time.

7 There is a difference between unmute and mute all, if you are wearing a mask or not.

8 Unmute yourself before starting the recording, if recording in England.

Criteria may be different in Wales or, indeed, Scotland. Not applicable to Apple devices obv.

Enjoy! And we hope to see you all, and more, next week.

One Response to “FRIDAY 9TH JULY 2021”

  1. Jonesthephones Says:

    Ace blog. Smashing night. Looking forward to next week already… If the good Lord spares us…!

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