On a rather warm evening, while the young and foolish were out topping up their suntan, all the wise old gits were sheltering indoors at Rhyl Folk Club. Some of them were even enjoying themselves.

Apologies from – Alan Manouche, Edna and Stuart, and Dafydd and Bee.

Missing with no excuse – Glenys

With 7 ladies and 10 blokes at the start of the evening, it looked like the ladies were rising. The lads, however, couldn’t risk a take over and sent out for reinforcements as the evening wore on.

T Gwyn was fishin’ for a trout in the raffle, he must have had our ticket – we always win Llareggub as a famous Welsh poet once said.

The name of the village which is at the heart of the play—Llareggub—was originally part of the title, and although it might appear to be a Welsh name, it’s actually a play on words. When read backwards, it is phrase from British English meaning “nothing at all.”

Discussion about Dylan Thomas’s Under Milk Wood

Storm advocated poisoning rabbits, (JS used to prefer the lead poisoning method) and Aitch suggested putting a dog in the microwave. The RSPCA will be knocking on their doors this morning!

Ray was with us for a 2nd time, it’s nice to hear a song sung in a proper accent.

Items of Interest to look out for in last night’s escapades:

  • The Colgate Ring of Confidence
  • The phone number for the heavy breathing line (oh, of course, you can’t see the chat!)
  • Terry’s dangly earrings
  • Natasha – our Russian Correspondent
  • The bi-lingual Davies Twins
  • The woman who does the lighting
  • Keith Price’s birthday cake ( ah! we’d eaten it all before the start.)

As usual, Alun, always first in, brought up the rear.

And the first shall be last as they say … or is it save the best …?

The Big Book

Here is the recording for you to enjoy, at your leisure and thank you everybody, for being part of our fun, if bizarre, club.

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