Good morning, a night of entertainment that is lightly marinated with lunacy awaits you bloggers this a.m., and we didn’t even have Gaffer.

A smooth as silk start, a bit like formula one, with bags of jiggling and juggling the muppet boxes in order for John to get the right mix, its all a matter of getting the rhyming to line up with the timing.

J.S. And Alun were a deux,as it were….. not in a biblical sense-obv. This new Premium Zoom update will allow duets, even if you are fifty miles apart- the wonders of modern technology as they say. This allowed ARJ the rare privilege of the lions and Christians slot. A sad song from Wales via Patagonia.

Natalia was there with a poem about the perils of longevity, and Mrs Hawkins was in praise of the small boats. Freddie was in hiding.

Highlights for you to especially watch out for are Brian and Sue with Old Man, Irene’s four Marys and a new song from the Jenkins twins.

Don’t get me going about the sheep in the meadow, or, John Prine covers. Did I mention Homeward Bound?

Get on and get in, thanks to all who made a belting night. See you all next week.

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