The day after my birthday, the ice cream and cake are all gone and there are no clowns_______Oh wait a minute____they’re here___It must be Friday. It must be Rhyl.

Welcome to the mad house, newcomers Jo and Mike from Nottingham and Roy from Walsall, and welcome back Brian from Eastbourne, we hope you are well on the road to recovery, lovely to see you.

Earlier in the evening our chairman had designated “cocking a snook” as the hand signal for those who were still muted when they shouldn’t be.

The “sign” can be seen on several occasions throughout the evening, as, after 15 months of Zoom, the assembled company has yet to master the mysteries of the mute button.

John and Carole had some hand signals of their own!

Things to look out for this evening:

Sheila had a leg over.

Alan had been touched by The Spirit

T Gwyn had been to Greenham Common, 40 years too late for Greenham, but nothing changes and there’s still a need to speak out for nuclear disarmament. In fact, a late Storm blew in over the Atlantic and did just that.

Mike and Helen went for a real Rhyl ooooooh! with a key change.

Irene was at Ardnamurchan, the most westerly point on the British mainland.

John W was doing his best to claim he wasn’t English, his Liverpudlian accent kept giving him away.

There was some discussion later about whisky – John Alun and I agreed that Jura Rum Cask was one of the best – Dave from The Mumbles (with a strangely Dundonian accent) preferred Glenmorangie (my dad’s favourite too).

Another lovely night with friends and with many more turns for you to enjoy on the recording. Thanks everyone for making the club great.

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