Friday August 13th 2021.

Another smooth-as-silk performance from the good looking MC again on a packed night. Alun and Mike were late arrivals due to checking that we had functional PA, tables and chairs down at Tynewydd. There will undoubtedly be changes to the Zoom meetings in the coming weeks, but we will keep you informed via the website, our FB page and e mail. We will be Zooming next week.

It’s almost impossible to take notes as well as organise the rabble in my professional manner, so factual content here will be limited.

Virtually every performance was a highlight. I don’t know how we attract so much talent to our little club. Alan’s Muirsheen Durken took me back 25 years to great nights at a caravan site club with Fox Firkin. LOTS of audience participation,

John W showed an unhealthy interest in Bee’s hallucinogenic plants; once a hippy……..

Brian and Linda were back together (singing), we all wish you well Brian with your recovery.

Thoughts for the week:-

Is atheism a non-prophet organisation?

What if there were no hypothetical questions.

Is there another word for synonym?

If you try to fail but succeed, which one have you done?

Terry was, as always, a class act; tonight he was accompanied by the Clacton Philharmonic Orchestra (other musicians with a history of violence are available).

Brian and Sue played Mike Hawkins at his own game and nicked one of his songs – a very different interpretation of “Song for Oyerland”. They are the only people I’ve ever met who have “lost a field” – they’re bloody big green things with a fence round!

Much as it grieves me to admit it, I missed Mike and Helen, a pair who originally came for the one night but have stayed for nearly a year, unable to kick their Friday night habit of being insulted by the Burnley moron.

Alun is busy at the moment cleaning up after “Bertie”, the new addition to the family. A gorgeous bundle of cuteness.

The dog also has his merits.

Thanks again to all the lovely people who join us on Friday nights to bring a little pleasure to our drab wretched lives.

Here’s the recording.

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  1. John Roberts Says:

    Date ????

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