in an effort not to rush the end of my latest library book, ( Paul Howarth’s excellent crime thriller set in early Australian outback- Only killers and Thieves,) I joined the sound check early. A triumph of hope over reality, I can tell you. Anyway, I  got to hear Gaffer’s joke and advise JW on his guitar tuning. It was in b flat major with a dropped g on capo 4. Just so you know.

We had over 20 turns tonight, an outbreak of unruly dogs and more than one tribute to the great Nanci Griffiths.

But the big news is delivered with my chairman’s hat on.

The club committee has decided that we will return to live performances at our home venue, the Tynewydd Community Centre. I am pleased to say that the popular zoom sessions will continue until 24.09,21. We intend to start the club sessions on 01.10.21. I suggest that you keep one eye on our website at as well as our Facebook group’s page at Friends of Rhyl Folk Club, where we will make every effort to keep everyone up to date on developments.

It is axiomatic to re-iterate the club’s gratitude to all our zoomers over this period of difficulty. We have made many friends and been hugely entertained by the wealth of talent freely loaned to us on a Friday night.

The Singing Gnome

As an interesting and related footnote, you will remember Mark from Room at the Top ( Red Lion, Newburgh) , who last night suggested that the club that he is involved in is also re-starting on 20.09.21. They will also be offering one zoom session a month. This seems like an avenue we could productively investigate.

As I said above, we will keep you informed. Many thanks to you all from the chair.

Enjoy this weeks recording:

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