Friday August 27th 2021

August Bank Holiday! Who cares? Has anyone got a bank branch within a 20 minute drive?

There were people a plenty lamenting the demise of Don Everly, myself included; Bird Dog, Crying in the Rain and, of course, Hollands’ Meat Pies all featured.

Brian and Sue lead the tributes to the late Charlie Watts with a medley of Stones numbers, culminating in a take-the-roof-off rendition of Honky Tonk Women with Brian strutting provocatively round his front room.

Lesley educated the masses with another lesson in her native tongue, Doric.

Mike and Helen always look happy, despite the abuse they receive, although last night Mike admitted that he didn’t look good naked any more. We only have his word that he ever did.

Paul had to be corrected for his mispronunciation of “Garage”, which we all know is actually pronounced “garridge”.

Another confession came from Alun, who finally admitted what we had long suspected, that he is Mr. Pastry.

We’re back in the same place on Zoom next week, but for now here’s the recording.

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