Autumn has come around for the 2nd time now on Zoom, John Shepherd is bemoaning the weather and season as usual, this time it’s the anti cyclonic gloom, and despite his best efforts, we still we manage to fill the screen with talent from near and far.

The man in the dark glasses thought he was incognito – but everyone recognised Stevie straight away. It’s not easy reading braille and playing the guitar at the same time, but somehow, Mike managed.

Alan Manouch’s song Charlie O Charlie brought back memories of my dad, who was born in Gardenstown, Gamrie, just a few miles from the bonnie Buchan borders, in the heart of Doric Aberdeenshire.

This brings us neatly to today’s Doric term – “ACOUSTIC” – An implement used by a Scottish farmer to herd his cows.

Scouts featured heavily this evening, with campfire songs. We hope that, occasionally, the scout masters can find the time and energy to join us at the club, after their duties, when we go live. Apparently Gaffer wanted to be a boy scout in 1958 – watch out Chas and Jan – a strange looking new boy, with hairy legs and a beard may turn up!

John Warburton was a late show, the men in white coats had been round to take away his wine sodden computer, but apparently they left him behind.

Things to look out for elsewhere tonight:

  • Brian and Sue’s 50th song at RFC – can you believe it?
  • Chas and Jan – with their backing group The Bee’s Knees
  • Fascist of the week – Mussolini
  • The singing diddy man – looked more like a great muckle Father Christmas to me. We want more from Geoff.
  • Unmuted chorus harmonies
  • New NHS drug – 10mg Durno tds
  • and This weeks piece of Received Pronunciation English – which came from non other than Alun Rhys Jones in the from of barrth.

Thanks everyone for joining us, Friday zoom nights are such good fun, lets hope they can continue in some form.

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