Hello and good morning all. Here is the short advertisement for the evening of entertainment that is the Rhyl Folk Club zoom.

Mike had ditched the dark glasses but still nearly tripped up over his horseshoes. Shops were the theme adopted by Andy (at Andy’s suggestion). Sounds like and advert for T****o to me. It brings to mind the old joke about saving fallen women- well, save one for me! The shop theme was extended to the German supermarket ditty. Other empty shelves are available.

Alun already has Bertie modelling

John missed the chance of putting Peter, Paul and Mary on, and Brian had 12 strings, which he expertly managed. Terry was not with us last night but B and S helped us out with their rendition of Dave’s Song off his fine CD, Falling More Slowly. John got his plug in for his favourite track which is the ante penultimate Where Are You Now. My plug, on a related note with regard all things Bob, is Jason and the Scorchers doing Absolutely Sweet Marie. Try that on You Tube, if you use the new browser, Brave, you’ll be spared the tiresome ads both before and in between.

Helen and Mike have been counting. Their 71 st offering was Our Very Special Friends, not a dry eye in the house!

The Dragon’s Breath contingent were on tour with that well known group Limited Internet.

Peter Cook had a self-penned number about the skills of a photographer and we had a new lady ( hurrah!) from our growing USA branch. Mary Ann McAllister, you are very welcome and we hope to see you again. Alun was keen not to rush his tale about a queen and a knight.

See you all next week and enjoy the night.

One Response to “FRIDAY 10TH SEPTEMBER 2021”

  1. Bl**dy h*ll, that is a seriously Bertie-lookalike puppy… Ah but it’s not OUR Bertie, who is currently languishing on his hols, with his previous owner Ann and his canine Mum, Rosie, in Kirkbymoorside, in North Yorks, while we have a short break up here in Edinburrrghhh!

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