The penultimate zoom session at Rhyl Folk Club and what started as a somewhat daunting, scary experience has, over 17 months become the norm and one of the best bits of the week. Of course, it will be great to be back face to face, but we will miss this greatly.

We were again blessed with the presence of the internet gremlins, people dropping out and in again, the boxes were fair jumping around! Please can you all remember to put a shilling in the meter next week.

There was a fore taste of the live club raffle in the guise of John’s bread- hope he remembers to make 2 loaves in a fortnights time. The chat this week was lively, John’s quiz of the week elicited a few predictable answers and there were gags aplenty, but you had to be there.

Don’t let anybody say they don’t have a laugh at the club.

This weeks received pronunciation award goes to Brian from Eastbourne, with aaas and graaas, his donkey song brought us nicely to Paul and memories from the 60’s with Val Doonican’s Delaney’s Donkey. All that was missing were the knitted jumper and the rocking chair!

And speaking of knitting, Carole was very cleverly copying a jumper pattern that she had seen Dafydd wearing (knitted by Bee). If we all put our orders in now we could be like Howard and Hilda from Ever Decreasing Circles by Christmas.

Of course, amidst all these shenanigans there was a vast array of quality turns and I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you by listing them all, but you can see them all here on the recording.

Thank you all for making the club a great night and please come next week for the last regular zoom night.

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