Friday September 24th 2021.

A bittersweet sort of night. I’m looking forward to singing along in the choruses (chori?) at Tynewydd next week, but I’m really going to miss all our chums from Zoom. The Zoom sessions have not only kept our club alive, but we have met some lovely people from across the UK and, indeed, the world. What a privilege it has been to have these talented singers (and all for free!) in our front rooms every week.

Ok, that’s done with me being nice. I had a shot at that last night, but I’m afraid it didn’t last long. Some morons thought my gags weren’t up to much. Hah! I pour scorn on you from a great height!. Here’s an app for you to download.

Next week, Alun will be sober (driving) and I’ll be wearing shoes (if I can remember) not my baffs (slippers).

Brian and Linda failed miserably in their attempt to recreate the scene from Dirty Dancing when Linda was to run and jump from her muppet box and Brian was to catch her above his head. To be fair, Brian had rewritten a song as a thanks to the club. As indeed had the Abba twins, in their smart paramilitary uniforms, turning up late every week to entertain us after Scouts.

Songwriting is not in my skill set. Nor are singing and playing guitar. We have heard so many excellent one-wot-I-rote-myself songs over the months after so much dross over the years. Which brings me to Terry Hiscock. What a talent. What did we do that brought Terry to our meetings almost every week? Top of my list for a guest. Which lowers your blood pressure the most; 250 mg of Durno tds or 100mg Hiscock bds? Discuss.

Uncle John’s column.

Guys, if the lady in your life loves diamonds, for Christmas get her a deck of cards and you’ll be on a promise. More relationship advice from RFC.

Alan M and John W are doing Sober October for Macmillan, find ’em on Facebook and send some dosh.

I’ll have a long(er) drive next Friday, but if I’ve got petrol, I’ll be there. There will be a raffle, but it’s probably not advisable to pass round any choccies you win, as was the custom. Sadly we’ll miss Adie with his weekly chocolate orange (other confectionaries did not seem available). There will be sanitising stuff available at Tynewydd, please use it, and bring the correct dosh if you can. I’m afraid it’s gone up a bit – £3 or £2 for performers. Piles of coins will be available for you to pick up if you do need change, sorry we can’t do cards.

Brian and Sue will be on Dragon’s Breath Zoom on Tuesdays, should for some inexplicable reason you want to hear more from them, along with several of our other regulars, always a good night.

I’m sorry if there have been too many facts for you to take in today; I hope I’ll see many of you at Rhyl next week, and for those who can’t get there, we’re Zooming again on October 22nd, when I will try to be pleasant to our guests and endeavour to finish before 12.15.

Here’s the recording.

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