The first post pandemic LIVE club at Ty Newydd and what a great night it was.

It was lovely to see a full rack of guitars and nice to see the bottom half of people we’ve only seen from the waist up on Zoom. (It’s not Happy Families and there are no points for matching up the 2 halves.)

With our usual live Emm Cee absent, John was our jovial, friendly, welcoming host and got things underway with a couple of chorus songs. I’m not going to list who sang what, but this might give you a clue:

T Gwyn’s delivery was excellent, (Robshaw esque, for those of you who remember the late great Ted), but it was Dafydd who gave us our Welsh fix this evening.

Bee was up from the sofa with a “rap” poem. I wonder what her rapper name is? Perhaps something like B&B or B. Rilliant . Suggestions on a postcard.

Alan Manouch had made it all the way down from the mountains of Snowdonia and what a voice, what a treat. John and Carole were with us for the first time live, and yes, the shirts are even more vibrant in the flesh! The clapping to JW’s protest song worked better live than it did on zoom, but somewhere at the back, someone had all the rhythm of a bodhran player. I suspect it was those people on the naughty step (Edna, Margaret, Stuart and T Gwyn)

Mike Hawkins surprised himself and never once reached for the words in his back pocket and Alun, with his watered down cider, played and sang relatively coherently.

It was great to see people who had managed not to fall into the Zoom hole, Rick, our tame Texan and Adrian West, our traditional folkie luddite. We have missed a bit of the old Morris dancing!

The highlight of the night was, of course, the raffle – the usual wine, beer, chocolates, bread and a few unwanted books, topped off with a jar of horseradish sauce and a mystery prize. Mike H was delighted with his bog brush!

A late entry from Scouting For Boys (and girls) had a Scandinavian bent and brought us to our full quota.

John Warburton got tonight’s prize for the most passionate performer across his entire range, his love song, his protest song and his patriotic song. I won’t tell you what they were, but if you’ve been watching the Zoom sessions, you’ll know!

Chorus singing at it’s best

It’s got to be Rhyl Folk Club Live!

We missed our distant Zoom cousins, but hope to see them again soon. We will be live on the 8th and the 15th of October and Zooming on the 22nd. Come and join us if you can.

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