A balmy October evening in Rhyl, a warm welcome awaited all at Rhyl Folk Club and our second live night was underway with more returning faces.

John was MC again, “the hostess with the mostest” he is definitely not. He got us off with a set from the North East, especially for Brian and Sue, I hope you both enjoyed it. He did have a “frozen” moment, can’t blame the internet, must have been him that was unstable.

Mike Hawkins couldn’t stay around and immediately left on a jet plane.

T Gwyn was on the Road to Mandalay with his Burmese cheroot smokin’, banjo playin’ girl, always a favorite. His guitar playing was very relaxed, I suspect he had had a few Durno’s beforehand.

We were treated to not one, but two tunes on the Northumbrian pipes from Alan Manouch. It all looks so difficult with such tight finger spacing and having to play in reverse, lifting a finger to get a note rather than putting it down – what’s that all about?

Dafydd spent a long time contemplating a snake – don’t ask, and by way of compensation, a very short limerick. Bee sang her poem beautifully tonight.

It was great to see a face from the past, welcome back Kevin. His John Wright songs took us right back – he’s still got it! Another of the many wonderful voices we have at the club.

John Warburton, in a slightly more sober shirt, played air harmonica and sang gypsy songs, can you say gypsy in these times of political correctness? While Carole told us of all the things we shouldn’t do, who is it insists on taking all the fun out of life these days? These two are a great addition to our live nights.

Alun was last, but certainly not least and was still looking for his gold pagoda’s – he should have gone to Burma with T Gwyn, there are plenty of them there.

Things of note tonight:

John W getting caught up in Carole’s knitting. He managed to unravel all this weeks work, our Christmas jumpers will never be ready at this rate

T Gwyn hiding behind his script, it’s bloody impossible to get a photo of him!

Mike’s line of the night – “she was quite good looking and that’s the best of all”

Alun had brought his banjo, but, by popular demand, it remained in it’s case. Word is that it might be seen next week when he and Alan get together to from a new super group. Watch this space.

Thanks to everyone who came for a great night. Join us next week, the 15th at Ty Newydd and don’t forget to Zoom on the 22nd of October.

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