Friday October 15th 2021.

Today’s lesson comes from the Gospel according to St John. Reading from the 1st verse.

And it came to pass, in the land of Drakeford, that many doth come together to raise their voices as one in a place that was known to all as Tynewydd. And the one with the golden hair did commence the proceedings.

But he was not liked by the crowd, for he was a miserable bugger, and they thought his jokes were poor, so the people cried with one voice “Get on with it!”.

There was one in the land who was known as Mike, and he was able to finish his chant on the same note as he started, for he was talented.

Others did beat their instruments in time to their chanting, and if they had practised, their notes be good. But for others, their tunes were not melodious and fell on stony ground, for their notes were bum.

And there came one from the East who was known throughout the land as “Warby”

And the crowd gazed in amazement at his rainments of bright colours, for Lo! he was a Hippy. And his wife was long suffering.

Some did speak in their native tongue, which brought forth much phlegm. And the phlegm was yellow.

At a point which was neither the beginning nor the end, there came two women to the fore, who bore many gifts for those who were chosen by the inscription on their ticket. Some of these gifts were high in calories and hasten the onset of Type 2 diabetes. Others would cause intoxication and encourage fornication (if thou art lucky).

And while the night seemed yet young, the one with the golden hair did dismiss the throng, saying “Go! And if thou did bring it with you, taketh it back to your homes and dispose of it there”.

And once again, Tynewydd lay quiet and still in the dark. And the neighbours were much pleased.

Here endeth today’s lesson.

One Response to “Friday October 15th 2021.”

  1. “Golden”? That’s a funny description for white…

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